The Magikarp Song

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The Magikarp Song

The Magikarp Song: I LOVE MAGIKARP (Japanese: コイキングのうた「I LOVE コイキング」 Koiking's Song: I LOVE KOIKING) is a song made for I LOVE KOIKING-SAN, a Daisuki Special Features mini-site made in commemoration of a cross-promotion between the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and the Pokémon Center in Hiroshima. The music is credited to コイキンGO KoikinGO.

It was released on the official Japanese YouTube channel on July 28, 2016. A dance version was uploaded on February 23, 2017 to promote the mobile game Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. The song was later dubbed into English on May 12, 2017 and shown on the official English YouTube channel, less than a week prior to the release of Pokémon: Magikarp Jump. On the French, German, Italian, and Spanish YouTube channels, the song was released with Japanese vocals and subtitles in the respective language. Traditional Chinese captions were later added to the original Japanese video on May 15, 2017. The song was later dubbed into Korean on May 24, 2017 and shown on the official Korean YouTube channel. The English version was written and produced by Ed Goldfarb's music company, Madcap Labs.[1]

The song was used as an insert song in Splash, Dash, and Smash for the Crown!.


English Japanese Translation
Totally pathetic, unreliable.
Known throughout the world for being super weak.

Maybe in ancient times, it was really strong.
That's what the rumors say, but they're probably wrong.
But now it's so weak, the weakest in the land.
So weak that it's sad, really really sad.

The weak Pokémon, that's you, Magikarp.
But though you are the weakest, still you've won my heart.
Oh, weak Pokémon, my love for you is strong.
Honestly, it's magical, you've survived this long.

All it does is jump and splash, jump and splash around.
It splashes up whole mountains and all the way back down.

Why jump? What's the point when nobody cares?
It uses Splash in battle. Nothing happens.
Jumping and splashing every single day.
Until Pidgeotto… carries it away.

The jumping Pokémon, that's you, Magikarp.
Although your moves are pointless, still you've won my heart.
Oh, splashing Pokémon, my love for you is strong.
Honestly, it's magical, you've survived this long.

Wherever you go fishing, it's the first you'll catch.
Even with an Old Rod, you'll soon have quite a batch.

Cast off in a river, or a puddle, or the sea.
Anywhere your hook is, Magikarp will be.
The slightest current will carry it away.
Anyplace the river bends… that's where they all stay.

A nibble on the line… that's you, Magikarp.
Right back in you go, because you've won my heart.
Thought I caught a bite… but it's Magikarp.
I could never eat you… because you've won my heart.

Its Shiny form sparkles golden in the light.
But don't be deceived. It's still Magikarp inside.

Evolving into Gyarados makes it super strong.
Waiting to reach that level takes way too long.
Did you just buy one at the store yesterday?
Sorry, there's no refunds. Please go away.

The pity Pokémon, that's you, Magikarp.
Although they think you're worthless… still you've won my heart.
The pity Pokémon, Magikarp, it's true.
At least your lowly ranking… means nothing to you.

Beloved Pokémon, that's you, Magikarp.
Somehow you've turned weakness into a kind of art.
You're my Pokémon, Magikarp, my dream…
Six matching Magikarp, that'll be my team.

Beloved Pokémon, that's you, Magikarp.
Magical and special, of course you've won my heart.
The greatest Pokémon, Magikarp, it's true.
And that's why I've written this love song just for you!
たよりなくて なさけない
とても有名 弱すぎて

昔はとても 強かった?
そんなウワサも あるけれど
今はとっても 弱いんだ
悲しいくらいに 弱いんだ

弱いポケモン コイキング
世界でいちばん 弱いやつ
弱いポケモン コイキング
あまりの弱さ ショッキング

とにかくはねる よくはねる
はねるだけで 山こえる

どうしてはねる 意味なくはねる
バトルではねても なにもない
調子にのって はねつづけ
時にピジョンに つかまるよ

はねるポケモン コイキング
世界でいちばん はねるやつ
はねるポケモン コイキング
いつもピタピタ ジャンピング

どんな場所でも まずつれる
ボロのつりざおで つれすぎる

海 川 よごれた水たまり
どんな水でも スイミング
ゆるい川でも 流される
どこかにできてる コイダマリ

つれたと思ったら コイキング
キャッチ アンド リリース? しちゃうすぐ?
つれたと思ったら コイキング
キャッチ アンド イート? ナンセンス!

キンピカごうか 色ちがい
ぜんぜん中身 変わらない

ギャラドス進化で めちゃ強い
そこまで待つの めちゃつらい
おやじが売ってた 500円!
返品できない ハプニング!

ざんねんポケモン コイキング
人にあげても ブーイング
ざんねんポケモン コイキング
気にしたことない ランキング

ボクのポケモン コイキング
ボクはそのまま 育てるよ
ボクのポケモン コイキング
6ぴきそろえて ファイティング

みんな恋する コイキング
世界でいちばん 好きなやつ
恋に恋する コイキング
キミにささげる ラブソング
Unreliable and pathetic
It's infamously feeble

Was it very strong long ago?
There was a rumor about that
But now, it's very weak,
So weak it's tragic

Magikarp, the Weak Pokémon,
Is the world's weakest
Magikarp, the Weak Pokémon
Is too weak that it's shocking

It often jumps and splashes well
It can leap a mountain with Splash

Why does it Splash? What a meaningless splash
It does nothing in battle
Carried away, it continuously jumps
Sometimes snatched away by a Pidgeotto

Magikarp, the Splash Pokémon
Is the world's best splasher
Magikarp, the Splash Pokémon
Is always jumping with a plop

Anywhere and everywhere, it can be caught easily
With an Old Rod, fishing it out again and again

In the sea, in the river, in a dirty pool
It swims anywhere with water
Even in a gentle stream, it floats away
Showing up anywhere in drifts of carps

When you think you've caught a Magikarp
Will you release it? Do it fast?
When you think you've caught a Magikarp
Will you eat it? What nonsense!

Sparkling and gorgeous, that's a Shiny
But in the inside, it's all the same

When it evolves into Gyarados, it'll be super strong
But waiting for it will be super tough
The old man sells it for 500 yen
But refunds aren't happening

Magikarp, the Joke Pokémon
Give it to someone and you'll be booed
Magikarp, the Joke Pokémon
It has never cared its ranking

Magikarp, my Pokémon
I'll train it as it is
Magikarp, my Pokémon
I'll gather a six of it for battle

Magikarp, everyone loves you
It's the world's most beloved
Magikarp, fall in love with love
I offer this love song to you


  • Many of the lyrics quote or paraphrase Magikarp's various Pokédex entries throughout the core series.

Dub edits

  • In the second chorus, the background phrase is changed from "THE JUMPION!" (a combination of "jump" and "champion") to "THE WEAKEST".
  • In the fourth verse, the price on the sign of the Magikarp salesman's stand is changed from ¥500 to $500.

In other languages

The Magikarp Song

Language Title
France Flag.png French La chanson de Magicarpe
Germany Flag.png German Der Karpador-Song
Italy Flag.png Italian La canzone di Magikarp
Spain Flag.png Spanish La canción de Magikarp


Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 我愛鯉魚王 Ngóh Oi Léihyùhwohng
Mandarin 我愛鯉魚王 Wǒ Ài Lǐyúwáng
France Flag.png French I LOVE Magicarpe
Germany Flag.png German I LOVE KARPADOR
Italy Flag.png Italian Ti voglio bene, Magikarp!
South Korea Flag.png Korean I LOVE 잉어킹 I LOVE INGEOKING
Spain Flag.png Spanish Te queremos, Magikarp


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