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UNITE Star 1.png

Template documentation
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This template can show an empty star, a full star, or half a star. It is meant to be used for stats or ratings. The image originates from Pokémon UNITE, but the template is intended to be used for any situation, especially where a half-star may be needed. (Unicode contains ☆ and ★, but no widespread half-star.)


  • 1: the type of star to show; defaults to 1
    • 0 for UNITE Star 0.png
    • 0.5 for UNITE Star half.png
    • 1 for UNITE Star 1.png



UNITE Star 1.pngUNITE Star 1.pngUNITE Star half.pngUNITE Star 0.pngUNITE Star 0.png