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Team Skills (Japanese: チームスキル Team Skill) replace the IQ system from earlier games in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series before Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. They are generally found in Treasure Boxes, which can be opened for 150 Poké at Rampardos's shop in Post Town, or in Paradise in Companion/Local Wireless Mode.

List of Team Skills

Name Game description
Supereffective The critical-hit rate of your supereffective moves is increased.
Self-Control Even when you're in the Confused or Blinker status condition, your attacks won't hit your teammates.
Intimidation You intimidate enemies, which may make their moves fail. But it has no effect on faraway enemies or Pokémon with the Inner Focus Ability.
Trap-Busting You may break traps you step on instead of activating them.
Power-Pitching You can throw items farther than usual.
Recovery You can restore your HP more than usual.
Second-Chance When you fail to hit your enemy, your hit rate will be boosted during the next turn.
Last-Minute If your HP gets really low, your evasiveness will be boosted.
Collector This skill increases the chance of an enemy with a Treasure Box appearing.
Slip-Through Your thrown items and delivered moves will conveniently slip through teammates if you want to hit an enemy behind them, and pass through enemies if you want to hit your teammates behind them.
Item-Seeking When you reach a floor, you'll know the number of items on the floor.
Surveyor When you reach a floor, you'll know the layout of the floor.
Stair-Seeking You'll sometimes know where the floor's stairway is.
PP Restore All of your party members' PP may be slightly restored when you reach a new floor.
Sneaky Even if you walk next to sleeping enemies, you can pass them without waking them up.
Tough Even when you take a critical hit, you may hang on with 1 HP.
Retaliating When one of your teammates faints, your Attack, Special Attack, and accuracy go up a lot! The status wears off when you step on a Wonder Tile or move to the next floor.
Danger-Seeking When you reach a floor, you'll know if there is a Monster House on the floor.
Shop-Seeking When you reach a floor, you'll know if there is a shop on the floor.
Prevention When someone in your team gets a status condition, other teammates won't get the same status condition until the Pokémon heals.
Nutritionist You sometimes restore HP and PP when you drink or eat.
Guard When the leader is in a Low HP condition, the teammate near the leader sometimes blocks an attack directed at the leader without taking damage.
Everlasting Your party members won't evolve when they level up. But evolution using an item is possible.

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In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Capacité commune
Germany Flag.png German Team-Fähigkeit
Italy Flag.png Italian Tecniche
Spain Flag.png Spanish Habilidad de equipo

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