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USUM fashion items

In order to add USUM-exclusive items, should I add three extra columns to the tables (for which I created three four new templates)? Or should I merely mark them with either USUM or USUM (while renaming the SM/S/M header cells to SMUSUM/SUS/MUM)?

With three extra columns, the table for male tops would look like this:
(table removed after being rejected by Tiddlywinks (talk) as “terribly wasteful with the availability columns only having one half or the other used at a time”)

The new templates I created for this are: User:SilSinn9801/UFashion/header, User:SilSinn9801/UFashion/s, User:SilSinn9801/UFashion/middle, and User:SilSinn9801/UFashion/footer (now deleted since I have no need for them anymore). (Because I don't know if it is safe to edit the existing Fashion templates, so I created these three four new ones to play it safe.)

The other alternative would be this one using the old templates (except Template:Fashion/header and Template:Fashion/footer would need to be updated to take USUM into account; updated versions are temporarily saved as User:SilSinn9801/Fashion/headerUSUM and User:SilSinn9801/Fashion/footerUSUM) and a two new templates I made (User:SilSinn9801/Fashion/divider and User:SilSinn9801/Fashion/su):
(table relocated to User:SilSinn9801/USUM Fashion items#Tops after ForceFire said it “just takes up way too much space” in this talk page)

Which one looks better: option one or option two? --SilSinn (Pokémon Sun TID: 768426; Pokémon Ultra Moon TID: 123446) (talk) 07:37, 19 December 2018 (UTC)
P.S. As for the middle row generated by template UFashion/middle (or Fashion/divider), does it affect the tables' sortability? Is it really needed? --SilSinn (Pokémon Sun TID: 768426; Pokémon Ultra Moon TID: 123446) (talk) 03:26, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

Based on Tiddlywinks’s approval of the second alternative, I am proceeding to present the updated tables for the other fashion items (will be updating this as I finish tables, since they are many and will take more than a day to do): --SilSinn (TIDs: 768426S, 123446UM) (talk) 05:51, 27 December 2018 (UTC)

(Tables moved to User:SilSinn9801/USUM Fashion items#Male after Tiddlywinks (talk) suggested: “Because, in particular for a dataset that large, a talk page isn't really a proper place to try to store it. If you want to do something like that, you can just leave it on a page in your userspace.”)

USUM female fashion items

While Tiddlywinks and I discuss whether to keep the divider and drop the sups (or the other way around) on the male item tables above, I proceed to finish the remaining tables: those for female fashion items including USUM-exclusive ones:

(Tables moved to User:SilSinn9801/USUM Fashion items#Female for same reasoning pointed out by Tiddlywinks (talk) above for male tables.)

Since I have not yet become Champion in my Japanese Ultra Moon game (where I play as a girl named シルシンナ), I am not really sure whether the Pokémon Center Nurse Cap belongs to either Hats or Accessories; I placed it under Accessories above based on this Japanese blog entry. Also, we still must decide whether to keep the dividers and drop the sups (or drop the dividers and keep the sups). Now I am working on the overall item totals and price totals. --SilSinn (TIDs: 768426S, 123446UM) (talk) 21:12, 27 December 2018 (UTC)