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A Rumpus Room (Japanese: ふしぎなへや Mysterious Room) is a special room found in Pokémon Rumble Blast. The player may be tossed into a Rumpus Room instead of the next room at any random moment in any area and region in the game after they have completed Chapter 2. There are two known types of Rumpus Rooms; the first is filled with many normal sized Pokémon, the second has four boss-sized Pokémon, and an endless amount of normal sized Pokémon which are the specimens that were summoned by the boss Pokémon's species in the regular floors (such as if the player wanders into a Rumpus Room with four Suicune, the spawning Pokémon will be Dragonite which is summoned by Suicune in the regular floors). Once every Pokémon has been defeated, or the four boss Pokémon have been defeated, an escape trampoline will drop down and put the player in the proper room in the area they were in prior to entering the Rumpus Room.

Rumpus Rooms are signified by the catapult to the next room facing the wrong direction.


  • In certain Rumpus Rooms, four boss-sized Audino will be present. Because of their enlarged size, and the only move wild Audino use is Heal Pulse, it is considered almost impossible to pass this Rumpus Room, forcing the player to return to town to escape.
  • Sometimes it is possible to encounter Customer-unlocked Pokémon as bosses in certain Rumpus Rooms. When this happens, the bosses will disappear after a short while.

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