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ランクルス Lanculus
Evolution stage 3
Figure name Reuniclus
Move Points 2
Psychic Unknown
Version 3.0.2
Rarity Rare
ID 308
Price 1800Pokemon Duel Material.png
Shiny variant
Version Unknown
ID 1
Price 1800Pokemon Duel Material.png
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Reuniclus.

Reuniclus (Japanese: ランクルス Lanculus) is a figure in Pokémon Duel. It was added in version 3.0.2.


Version 3.0.7

Psychic Net サイコネット
In battles on your turn, you may respin × the number of your other Reuniclus on the field.

Version 3.0.2-3.0.6

Psychic Net サイコネット
You may redo battle spins up to the number of your other Reuniclus on the field and bench.

Attack wheel

Miss ミス 12 pt.
Brain Link ブレインリンク 32 pt.
Deals ×2 damage if one of your own Reuniclus is within 2 steps of this Pokémon.
Hyper Beam* はかいこうせん※ 20 pt.
*If the battle opponent is knocked out, the next turn will always be the other player's.
Miss ミス 8 pt.
Confuse Ray あやしいひかり 24 pt.
The battle opponent becomes confused.
Leveling up the figure allows the size of non-miss segments to be increased and the size of miss segments to be decreased.
Evolving from another figure allows the damage or stars of an attack to be increased.
Chain leveling allows the damage of an attack to be increased.



Hyper Beam and Confuse Ray are both moves in the Pokémon games that Reuniclus can learn, the former via TM15 and the latter through breeding.

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