Remeyo weed

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The Remeyo weed underwater in the anime

Remeyo weed (Japanese: シレット水草 Shlet water herb) is a type of herbal medicine found exclusively in the anime. It grows on lake-beds and can be used to cure poison.

Some Water-type Pokémon are specifically trained just to be able to retrieve it. Ash used it to cure his, Iris's, and Cilan's Pokémon after they were poisoned by a group of wild Foongus in Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!.


In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Sylhet
Germany Flag.png German Remeyo-Kraut
Italy Flag.png Italian Erbimedio
Poland Flag.png Polish Zioła Remeyo
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Erva Remeyo
CELAC Flag.png Latin American Spanish Alga Remedio

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