Pyukumuku (Sun & Moon 47)

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ナマコブシ Namakobushi
Illus. You Iribi
Evolution stage Basic Pokémon
Card name Pyukumuku
Type Water
HP 60
retreat cost
English expansion Sun & Moon
Rarity Uncommon
English card no. 47/149
Japanese expansion Collection Sun
Japanese rarity C
Japanese card no. 020/060
Japanese expansion Sun & Moon
Japanese card no. 019/051
Japanese expansion GX Battle Boost
Japanese card no. 025/114
Japanese Deck Water Lapras-GX Deck
Japanese card no. 030/131
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Pyukumuku.

Pyukumuku (Japanese: ナマコブシ Namakobushi) is a Water-type Basic Pokémon card. It was first released as part of Sun & Moon expansion.

Card text

Innards Out
If this Pokémon is your Active Pokémon and is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent's attack, put 6 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon.
Water Continuous Tumble
Flip a coin until you get tails. This attack does 30 damage for each heads.

Pokédex data

Pyukumuku - Sea Cucumber Pokémon
No. Height Weight
771 1'00" (0.3 m) 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg)
Pokédex entry
It lives in shallow seas, such as areas near a beach. It can eject its internal organs, which it uses to engulf its prey or battle enemies.
ビーチなど 浅い 海に 棲む。 身体から 体内器官を だして 餌を 捕ったり 敵と 戦う。

Release information

This card was included in the Sun & Moon expansion, first released in the Japanese Collection Sun. In Japan, it was reprinted as a Mirror Holofoil in the Sun & Moon and GX Battle Boost subsets, and as a Non Holofoil in the Water Lapras-GX Deck.



Innards Out is an Ability in the Pokémon games that Pyukumuku can have. This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Sun.

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