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If you were looking for the Pokémon Trading Card Game player, see Kyle Sucevich.

マイケル Michael
Debuts in The Pi-Kahuna
Caught at Seafoam Islands
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Victor
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Pikachu Chika Sakamoto

Puka (Japanese: マイケル Michael) is a surfing Pikachu that appeared in The Pi-Kahuna.


Puka in his youth
Victor and Puka

Puka is at least twenty years old, having been first found by surfing enthusiast Victor shortly after he failed to conquer a large wave, "Humunga-Dunga" (Japanese: ビッグ・チューズデー Big Tuesday). Victor was trying to emulate a feat achieved by his surfing hero Jan two decades ago. Puka looks noticeably older and larger than Ash's Pikachu, with wrinkles beneath his eyes. His ears have a different shape, similar to mini-humps, while most Pikachu ears are straight and pointy. His eyes are blue, while Ash's Pikachu's eyes, as well as most Pikachu eyes, are dark brown. Puka can sense big waves coming to the Seafoam Islands beach where he lives, causing his eyes to glow. Incidentally, he does not use any Electric-type attacks throughout the entire episode, even when captured by Team Rocket (Ash's Pikachu does the attacking). Whether Puka can in fact use any Electric attacks is up for debate, since his cheeks do not spark during the episode either.

Puka is rescued by Victor after Team Rocket's submarine is attacked by a family of angry Gyarados. At that moment, Humunga-Dunga makes its scheduled appearance, twenty years after Victor first fell to it. Ash and his friends watch from the beach as Victor, with Puka on his surfboard, successfully ride the big wave and plant a flag atop the rock, right next to where Jan first placed his flag after riding the wave. Puka and Victor return to shore to be greeted by Ash, Misty, and Brock, as well as by young children looking up to Victor in awe. In a similar fashion to what his hero did after riding the big wave, Victor tells two young surfers, "You can do it, too!"

Since that episode, Puka and Victor have not been seen again. It can be presumed they remain at the beach house where they are shown to live.

Personality and characteristics

Puka was shown to get along with Victor very well ever since the time they first met.


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