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If you were looking for the character of the day in XYS05, see Jan (XYS05).

Jan (Japanese: ジャン Jan) is a character of the day who appeared in The Pi-Kahuna.

Jan was a surfer active 40 years before the events of the episode, and was highly revered. His claim to fame was becoming the first person to have ever ridden a gigantic wave, called Humungadunga (Japanese: ビッグ・チューズデー Big Tuesday), to the top of a rock in the ocean and plant his flag there. He had given his old surfboard to Victor—who idolized him—before heading off to surf around the world.

Victor maintained a personal connection to Jan, who aimed to plant his own flag atop the steep rock while riding Humungadunga. After succeeding, he kept the tradition alive by reiterating Jan's own words to encourage some budding surfers on the beach.


  • Jan's name, along with Puka and Victor's Japanese names (Michael and Vincent respectively), are a reference to Hollywood actor Jan-Michael Vincent, the lead actor of the movie Big Wednesday, from which their episode takes inspiration.

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