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Premium Trainer Box.jpg
Box art
Release date December 9, 2016

The Premium Trainer Box (Japanese: プレミアムトレーナーボックス Premium Trainer Box) is a special Japanese-exclusive Pokémon Trading Card Game product released alongside the Collection Sun & Moon.


The Premium Trainer Box was released alongside the Collection Sun & Moon on December 9, 2016 and is similar to the international Elite Trainer Box line of products. Included in the product is a card box, 10 packs each of Collection Sun and Collection Moon, a stock of Basic Energy cards, card sleeves, damage counters, status counters, a GX counter, a custom coin, and a player's guide. It also contains a set of Trainer and Special Energy cards consisting of both XY BREAK and Sun & Moon Era reprints. While the Trainer card layout was changed for the Sun & Moon Era, the Trainer cards originally printed during the XY BREAK Era retain the old card layout. In addition, they feature an XY set symbol instead of the SMB symbol used by the Sun & Moon cards.

Card list

Premium Trainer Box
No. Card Type Quantity
001/018 Nest Ball I
002/018 Ultra Ball I
003/018 Rare Candy I
004/018 Professor Kukui Su
005/018 Lillie Su
006/018 Double Colorless Energy Colorless E
007/018 Professor's Letter I
008/018 VS Seeker I
009/018 Max Elixir I
010/018 Fighting Fury Belt I
011/018 N Su
012/018 Skyla Su
013/018 Professor Sycamore Su
014/018 Lysandre Su
015/018 Rough Seas St
016/018 Forest of Giant Plants St
017/018 Strong Energy Fighting E
018/018 Mystery Energy Psychic E
Grass Energy Grass E 12×
Fire Energy Fire E 12×
Water Energy Water E 12×
Lightning Energy Lightning E 12×
Fighting Energy Fighting E 12×
Psychic Energy Psychic E 12×
Darkness Energy Darkness E 12×
Metal Energy Metal E 12×
Fairy Energy Fairy E 12×

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