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Poliwag has been featured on 20 different cards since it debuted in the Base Set of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Poliwag cards are normally Water-type Basic Pokémon.

List of Pokémon cards featuring Poliwag

Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a green background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Poliwag Water Base Set None.png Rarity Common.png 59/102 Expansion Pack None.png Rarity Common.png  
        Unnumbered Promotional cards None.png    
        Squirtle Deck SetSymbolIntro Pack Squirtle Deck.png   9
Base Set 2 SetSymbolBase Set 2.png Rarity Common.png 88/130        
Poliwag Water         Expansion Sheet 1 SetSymbolVending.png Rarity Common.png  
        Red Deck SetSymbolVending.png    
Poliwag Water Neo Discovery SetSymbolNeo Discovery.png Rarity Common.png 62/75 Crossing the Ruins... SetSymbolNeo Discovery.png Rarity Common.png  
Poliwag Water Expedition Base Set SetSymbolExpedition.png Rarity Common.png 125/165 Base Expansion Pack SetSymbolBase Expansion Pack.png Rarity Common.png 008/128
Poliwag Water Skyridge SetSymbolSkyridge.png Rarity Common.png 87/144 Split Earth SetSymbolSplit Earth.png Rarity Common.png 021/088
Poliwag Water EX FireRed & LeafGreen SetSymbolFireRed and LeafGreen.png Rarity Common.png 75/112 Flight of Legends SetSymbolFlight of Legends.png Rarity Common.png 025/082
Poliwag Water EX Unseen Forces SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png Rarity Common.png 67/115 Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean SetSymbolUnseen Forces.png Rarity Common.png 021/106
Poliwag Water Legends Awakened SetSymbolLegends Awakened.png Rarity Common.png 114/146 Cry from the Mysterious SetSymbolCry from the Mysterious Temple of Anger.png Rarity Common.png  
Poliwag Water Unleashed SetSymbolUnleashed.png Rarity Common.png 58/95 SoulSilver Collection SetSymbolSoulSilver Collection.png Rarity Common.png 018/070
Poliwag Water Furious Fists SetSymbolFurious Fists.png Rarity Common.png 15/111 Rising Fist SetSymbolRising Fist.png Rarity C.png 015/096
Poliwag Water Evolutions SetSymbolEvolutions.png Rarity Common.png 23/108 Expansion Pack 20th Anniversary SetSymbolExpansion Pack 20th Anniversary.png Rarity C.png 023/087
Poliwag Water A Sun & Moon SetSymbolSun and Moon.png Rarity Common.png 30/149 Collection Moon SetSymbolCollection Moon.png Rarity C.png 009/060
        Enhanced Expansion Pack Sun & Moon SetSymbolSM1Plus.png   011/051
Poliwag Water C Unbroken Bonds SetSymbolUnbroken Bonds.png Rarity Common.png 36/214 Double Blaze SetSymbolDouble Blaze.png Rarity C.png 020/095
Poliwag Water C Unbroken Bonds SetSymbolUnbroken Bonds.png Rarity Common.png 37/214 Double Blaze SetSymbolDouble Blaze.png Rarity C.png 021/095
Poliwag Water F Lost Origin SetSymbolLost Origin.png Rarity Common.png 030/196 Time Gazer SetSymbolTime Gazer.png Rarity C.png 011/067
Poliwag Water G 151 SetSymbol151.png Rarity Common.png 060/165 Pokémon Card 151 SetSymbolPokémon Card 151.png Rarity C.png 060/165
Poliwag Water My First Battle None.png            
Poliwag Water H Twilight Masquerade SetSymbolTwilight Masquerade.png Rarity Common.png 041/167 Transformation Mask SetSymbolTransformation Mask.png Rarity C.png 023/101
Misty's Poliwag
Card Type Mark English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Misty's Poliwag Water Gym Heroes SetSymbolGym Heroes.png Rarity Common.png 87/132 Hanada City Gym SetSymbolGym Booster.png    
Misty's Poliwag Water Gym Challenge SetSymbolGym Challenge.png Rarity Common.png 89/132 Leaders' Stadium SetSymbolGym Booster.png Rarity Common.png  

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