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Stylists in the Hearthome Collection

A Pokémon Stylist (Japanese: ポケモンスタイリスト Pokémon Stylist), also known as a Poké Stylist (Japanese: ポケリスト PokéList), is a person who sketches and designs clothing and accessories for Pokémon. They can also create outfits for Pokémon Trainers. According to Paris, a Pokémon Stylist is one type of Pokémon Coordinator.


As pointed out by Hermione in Arriving in Style!, Stylists and Coordinators have a very similar role, as both kinds of Trainers aim to showcase their Pokémon's charms in a stylish manner. It should be noted, however, that while a Coordinator concentrates on showing off a Pokémon's style by displaying its moves and skills in an appealing way, a Stylist focuses on designing clothing items that are likely to bring out a Pokémon's inner beauty and enhance their outward appearances.

Pokémon Stylists can also take part in Pokémon competitions such as the Hearthome Collection, a fashion show where contestants dress up and model their Pokémon in their own original designs. Additionally, they may open up their own fashion stores. The Trainer class is widely popular in Sinnoh, but is also well-known in at least one other region of the Pokémon world, as Lila said in Battling The Generation Gap! that she was given the chance to study to become a Pokémon Stylist abroad.

The Poké Chic fashion magazine is a publication that caters to Pokémon Stylists and trend-conscious Trainers. According to Hermione, Poké Chic's editor-in-chief, the public interest for Pokémon styling increased after Paris achieved success as a highly skilled Stylist. This inspired many people to become a Stylist as well.

Notable Stylists

Paris, a renowned Poké Stylist.

In other languages

Pokémon Stylist

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokémon-stylisti
France Flag.png French Pokémon Styliste
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Stylist
Italy Flag.png Italian Stilista Pokémon
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포켓몬 스타일리스트 Pokémon Stylist
Poland Flag.png Polish Pokémonowa Stylistka
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Estilista Pokémon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Estilista Pokémon

Poké Stylist

Language Title
Finland Flag.png Finnish Pokéstylisti
France Flag.png French Pokéstyliste
Germany Flag.png German Poké-Stylist
Italy Flag.png Italian Stilista Poké
Poland Flag.png Polish Pokéstylistka
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Poké Estilista
Spain Flag.png Spanish Pokéstilista

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