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The Pokémon Mart (Japanese: Pokémon Shop) and Pokémon Center (Japanese: Pokémon Center) share the same building in the Ruby Field of Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire.

The Pokémon Mart sells various bonuses and the Pokémon Center is used to evolve a Pokémon.


In the Ruby Field, the building at the top right corner functions as both the Pokémon Mart Gate and Evo Gate. It is a Pokémon Mart by default, but may be converted into a Pokémon Center for the purpose of evolving a Pokémon. The sign at the top of the Pokémon Mart building has two sides: "Pokémon Mart" and "Pokémon Center". Whenever the building is converted, there is a short animation where the sign turns to reveal the other side. However, this animation may not be visible to the player if the ball is too low in the playing field, because the game screen always automatically moves up and down when needed, to display the vicinity of the ball.

The Gate remains closed as long as the Catch 'em Mode, Egg Mode, Evolution Mode, or Travel Mode is active. The Gate opens again once that mode ends. Whenever the Gate opens or closes, a short animation is seen. The Gate only opens or closes if it's visible onscreen; if needed, it waits until it's visible onscreen before opening or closing.

Pokémon Mart mechanics

For the Pokémon Mart interface, including the list of sold items, see Pokémon Mart.

The Pokémon Mart Gate is closed by default since the start of the game. The player opens the Gate by hitting it once with the ball. However, it's not possible to enter the Pokémon Mart and buy anything at this point, because the ball falls down without entering it. When the player shoots the ball once more in the direction of the Mart, the ball passes through the Gate and enters the Mart normally. If the player enters the Mart and leaves without buying anything, the Gate remains open; if the player buys something from the Mart, the Gate closes again.

If the player converts this building into a Pokémon Center, the Gate opens (if it was closed). However, the game remembers whether the Pokémon Mart had its Gate open or closed when it became a Pokémon Center. When this building returns to being a Pokémon Mart, it will have its Gate in the same state as before.

Pokémon Center mechanics

The Pokémon Mart may be converted into a Pokémon Center, which contains the Evo Gate. If the ball enters the Pokémon Center, the Evo Mode starts, allowing the player to evolve a Pokémon.

The Pokémon Center is only available if the player has one or more Pokémon able to evolve. The Mart is converted into a Pokémon Center if the player lights up the three Evolution Arrows (the three triangles with "EVO" written on them) by throwing the ball through the Left Loop (the outer passage at the left) from bottom to top. The Gate opens automatically (if it was closed) when a Pokémon Mart is converted into a Pokémon Center. If the ball enters the Pokémon Center, the Evo Mode starts and the player is able to evolve a Pokémon. The Pokémon Center is converted back into the Pokémon Mart once the player finishes the Evo Mode (for instance, by successfully evolving the Pokémon, or by failing to evolve the Pokémon before the timer runs up).


Pokémon Mart gallery

Pinball Ruby Mart.png Pinball Ruby open Mart.png
Pokémon Mart
(closed door)
Pokémon Mart
(open door)

Other languages

Pinball Ruby Mart Japanese.png Pinball Ruby Mart French.png Pinball Ruby Mart German.png Pinball Ruby Mart Italian.png Pinball Ruby Mart Spanish.png
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Pokémon Center gallery

Pinball Ruby Center.png Pinball Ruby open Center.png
Pokémon Center
(closed door)
Pokémon Center
(open door)

Other languages

Pinball Ruby Center French.png Pinball Ruby Center German.png Pinball Ruby Center Italian.png Pinball Ruby Center Spanish.png
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  • The Japanese version of the Pokémon Center uses the same sprite as the English version.
  • The Italian and Spanish versions of the Pokémon Center building have the same text, but the sign written "Centro Pokémon" differs by a few subtle pixels.

In other languages

  • Pokémon Mart

See Pokémon Mart (Pinball)#In other languages.

  • Pokémon Center
Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese Pokémon Center
England Flag.png English Pokémon Center
France Flag.png French Centre Pkmn
Germany Flag.png German Pokémon-Center
Italy Flag.png Italian Centro Pokémon
Spain Flag.png Spanish Centro Pokémon
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