Pokémon: Gotta Know It All

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Pokémon: Gotta Know It All is a promotional VHS tape included in Kids' WB! press kits in 1999. It provides what is essentially an extended commercial for the anime series, and also includes two episodes of the series. The video consists of various clips with dialogue dubbed over.


After an announcer recites the "Gotta Catch 'em All!" tagline, Ash Ketchum introduces himself, using mostly the same dialogue as he did in the first episode. Dexter gives a brief explanation of Pokémon, such as the number of known species and their abilities. Again using the same dialogue as the first episode, Ash tells a flock of Spearow that he'll capture and defeat them all. For much of the rest of the video, Professor Oak gives Ash advice. He reminds Ash that becoming a Master is much more than capturing Pokémon, but also includes teaching, caring for, and battling with them. Jessie and James recite their first lines of their motto before Ash orders Pikachu to attack.

Professor Oak warns Ash that to become a Pokémon Master, he must face some of the fiercest Trainers in the world. Clips of Ash's battles against Gym Leaders are shown. Sabrina's father tells Ash that he's pretty good for a kid, but not good enough, before telekinetically pulling down his pants. Oak tells Ash that his journey will take him on many exciting adventures, but Ash seems more interested in catching lots of new Pokémon. Many Trainers are shown throwing Poké Balls, and Meowth yells for them to watch where they're throwing them. Ash and Brock each throw one, and Meowth gets hit twice. Oak tells Ash to watch out for Team Rocket, and Giovanni tells the Team Rocket trio that he wants all of Ash's Pokémon immediately. Jessie demands that Ash hands over Pikachu. Oak wishes Ash good luck, but Ash says he doesn't need luck when he has Pokémon. The announcer then tells the viewer that the only place to catch Pokémon six days a week is Kids' WB!.

Following this clip are Riddle Me This and Volcanic Panic.


  • All of the dialogue is newly recorded, even the dialog that is identical to dialog previously seen in anime episodes.