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Language English
Status Active
Run December 3, 2005 - Present
Date opened December 3, 2005
Creator Dark Lord Revan
Current owner {{{owner}}}
Number of Articles 1,418+
Forum Social forums/
Wiki forums
Mascot Pikmin Flower
Website Main Page
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Pikipedia is a wiki focusing on the Pikmin franchise and the eighth member of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance, joining in 2010. It was founded by Dark Lord Revan on Wikia on December 3, 2005, and is currently hosted by Porplemontage.


The goal of Pikipedia is to provide a complete and accurate encyclopedia on everything based on the Pikmin franchise; the content is aimed at people of all age ranges and skill levels.


Pikipedia was created as a branch of the wiki farm Wikia on December 3, 2005. For five years, it stayed on the wiki farm; however, a discussion in the wiki's forum made it apparent that its users wanted the wiki to become independent. Porplemontage, the head of the Super Mario Wiki, offered to host the site and Pikmin Fanon in the same domain, and the wiki became independently hosted on September 14, 2010, where it remains today. Now independent, the wiki then became eligible to join NIWA and did so with Pikmin Fanon on October 8, 2010.

In July of 2014, users from Pikmin Wiki on Wikia (now Fandom), approached Pikipedia to discuss the future of both wikis. After the discussion, it has been determined that Pikmin Wiki would move its content and community into Pikipedia, so that both wikis could be united. The old Pikmin Wiki still exists, but it is mostly abandoned and ignored.

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