Mr. Hatterly

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Mr. Hatterly

Mr. Hatterly (Japanese: ハットリ氏 Mr. Hattori) is a character of the day who appeared in Clash of the Connoisseurs!. A wealthy man, he lives with his daughter in an enormous mansion just outside Stonesthrow Town.

He hired both Cilan and Ricard Nouveau, both A-class Pokémon Connoisseurs, to help pick out his daughter's first Pokémon, preferably one that was as cute as she was. Since Cilan and Ricard could not agree on what Pokémon she should have, he suggested that they should have a battle and the winner would get to decide for his daughter.

Eventually, he was surprised to find out that Marigold had already chosen a Pokémon for her friend: a Foongus. She kept it a secret from him because she was afraid that he wouldn't think it was right for her. However, since she loved it so much, he decided to allow her to keep it.


Seen in his garden

Hatterly Whimsicott Petilil.png
Hatterly Whimsicott Petilil.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Swanna Frillish.png
Hatterly Swanna Frillish.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Hatterly Pokémon.png
Marigold Foongus.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 佐藤健輔 Kensuke Satō
English Marc Thompson
Czech Ladislav Cigánek
Finnish Aku Laitinen
European French Bruno Georis
Italian Luca Semeraro
Polish Krzysztof Cybiński
Brazilian Portuguese Dráuzio de Oliveira
European Spanish Antonio Esquivias

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