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(Japanese: マツバラ Matsubara) is a character of the day who appeared in JN049. She is the head of the Eevee Evolution Laboratory.

Matsubara was first seen collecting an Eevee that had attempted to imitate a Vaporeon by swimming, only for it to fail. Along with her assistants, they tried to get the Eevee to evolve using a Fire Stone and a Thunder Stone. However, neither evolutionary stone succeeded in this regard, leaving them confused over why Eevee wouldn't evolve.

Matsubara later traveled to the Cerise Laboratory, where she and her assistants collected Eevee after it had left the Eevee Evolution Laboratory. As they were leaving, Eevee decided it wanted to stay with Chloe after befriending her. Upon seeing this, she allowed Chloe to keep Eevee and informed her that it was somehow unable to evolve.


Given away

Chloe's Eevee
Matsubara tried to get this Eevee it to evolve, but her attempts failed for unknown reasons. Upon observing the bond Eevee had with Chloe, Matsubara allowed Chloe to keep it and informed her that Eevee was incapable of evolving.

Eevee's only known move is Copycat.
Eevee has also used Spark* via Copycat.

Debut JN049
Voice actors
Japanese Kei Shindō


  • Matsubara's hair appears to be loosely based on a Glaceon's crest.