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ギフトボックス ミュウ・ルカリオver.
Gift box and contents
Release date November 16, 2005
Coin GBML Bronze Pikachu Coin.png

The Gift Box Mew • Lucario (Japanese: ギフトボックス ミュウ・ルカリオver. Gift Box Mew • Lucario ver.) is a Japanese-exclusive Half Deck collection for the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The gift box contains four quarter decks (combined into 2 Half Decks or 1 Full deck, each one centralizing around a particular Pokémon. Of interest are Mew and Lucario, as they are featured in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. Also included are two Pokémon Star, which originally sent the price of the gift box soaring overseas. Many of the cards were later released in English in the EX Holon Phantoms expansion. One notable absentee however was Lucario, as the TCG outside Japan very rarely features Owner's Pokémon with no ties to the core series games, or Pokémon revealed before their appearance in a main series game. Lucario eventually made its English TCG debut in Diamond & Pearl.

In addition to the cards, the gift box contains a rulebook, damage counters, status counters, a custom coin, and playmat.


The same style tin was used for the Gift Box Emerald, released in Japan almost a year prior.

Deck lists

Mew Quarter Deck
SetSymbolMew Gift Box ML.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Electrike Lightning
002/015 Manectric Lightning
003/015 Mew ex Psychic
004/015 Baltoy Psychic
005/015 Claydol Psychic
006/015 Zangoose Colorless
007/015 Energy Search T
008/015 Master Ball T
009/015 Professor Oak's Research T [Su]
010/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
011/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
012/015 Lightning Energy Lightning E
013/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
014/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E
015/015 Psychic Energy Psychic E

Lucario Quarter Deck
SetSymbolLucario Gift Box ML.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Nosepass Fighting
002/015 Barboach Fighting
003/015 Whiscash Fighting
004/015 Aron Metal
005/015 Lairon Metal
006/015 Folklore's Lucario ex Metal
007/015 Potion T
008/015 PokéNav T
009/015 TV Reporter T [Su]
010/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
011/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
012/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
013/015 Fighting Energy Fighting E
014/015 Metal Energy Metal E
015/015 Rainbow Energy Rainbow E

Crawdaunt Quarter Deck
SetSymbolCrawdaunt Gift Box ML.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Surskit Grass
002/015 Masquerain Grass
003/015 Seviper Grass
004/015 Corphish Water
005/015 Crawdaunt ex Water
006/015 Relicanth Water
007/015 Energy Switch T
008/015 Mr. Stone's Project T [Su]
009/015 Bill's Maintenance T [Su]
010/015 Grass Energy Grass E
011/015 Grass Energy Grass E
012/015 Grass Energy Grass E
013/015 Water Energy Water E
014/015 Water Energy Water E
015/015 Water Energy Water E

Mightyena Quarter Deck
SetSymbolMightyena Gift Box ML.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/015 Numel Fire
002/015 Camerupt Fire
003/015 Torkoal Fire
004/015 Poochyena Darkness
005/015 Mightyena ex Darkness
006/015 Absol Darkness
007/015 Switch T
008/015 Professor Birch T [Su]
009/015 Professor Cozmo's Discovery T [Su]
010/015 Fire Energy Fire E
011/015 Fire Energy Fire E
012/015 Fire Energy Fire E
013/015 Fire Energy Fire E
014/015 Darkness Energy Darkness E
015/015 Rainbow Energy Rainbow E

Pokémon Star
SetSymbolPokémon Star Gift Box ML.png
No. Card Type Quantity
001/002 Pikachu Star Lightning
002/002 Mewtwo Star Psychic

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