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Lucario and the Mystery of Mew (Japanese: ミュウと波導勇者 ルカリオ Mew and the Wave-Guiding Hero: Lucario) is a manga adaptation of the movie of the same name. It was adapted by 伊原しげかつ Shigekatsu Ihara, creator of the Pokémon manga Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! and Pokémon Battle Frontier. There are also at least two short manga adaptations of the same movie, one by Emiko Yoshino and one by Miho Asada.


Edition Country Company Date ISBN
First Edition by Shogakukan First
Japan Shogakukan July 16, 2005 ISBN 4091430066
First Edition by Chuang Yi First
Singapore Chuang Yi March 14, 2006 ISBN 9814204587
None.png First
Mainland China Jilin Publishing Group March 1, 2009 ISBN 9787538631005
None.png First
Taiwan Ching Win Publishing Group November 16, 2010 ISBN 9789862565322
None.png First
Thailand Nation Edutainment Unknown ISBN 9789748134604


  1. The Blue Adventurer Appears!
  2. Mystery of the Tree of Beginning
  3. Truth Behind the Legend!!

Differences between the anime and the manga

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  • The mother and daughter, Jenny, and Freddy are absent in this manga version of the movie.
    • Due to their absence, Max and Brock read the story of the history of Rota to their friends, instead.
  • Due to Jenny's absence, it is unknown whether Ash was allowed to leave his throne or not.
  • Pidgeot is not seen bringing the staff back to Queen Rin after Lucario is sealed in it in the manga version, leaving it unclear as to how it was sent back in this version.
  • May keeps her hairstyle in the manga and doesn't change it.
    • In addition, the Beautifly decoration on the back of her dress is missing.
  • Meowth doesn't wear his knight suit.
  • Kidd is seen dancing with Brock in the original movie. In the manga, she is only seen eating at the buffet.
  • Kidd's hair is straight down instead of in curly twintails like in the movie when wearing her ballgown, and her head accessories are missing.
  • In the movie, the Weavile knocks Pikachu out with Ice Beam, countering his thunderbolt. In the manga, he is instead knocked out by the Weavile kicking him.
  • When the Weavile attack, Mew protects itself by transforming into one and attacking one of the real Weavile, resulting into the two fighting.
  • The scenes where the characters stop for lunch and at the hot springs aren't present in this version.
  • The scenes with the green tunnels full of bubbles inside the Tree of Beginning are cut, as well.
    • However, the doorway to tunnel can still be seen.
  • When Ash and Lucario fight, they don't fall into a pond, but instead have Brock use his Mudkip to stop their fight with Water Gun.
  • Because the lunch scene was altered, the gang instead meet Bonsly after Ash and Lucario's quarrel.
  • In the manga, those who control can see other creatures through the Tree of Beginning's Crystals, and Ash was able to see Pikachu in one of them. This plot point wasn't relevant in the original movie.
  • Regirock destroys Kidd's jeep in this manga.
  • Brock, May, Max, Jessie, and James are all seen being swallowed at the same time in the same area by the Tree's blob cells in the manga, rather than Jessie and James getting swallowed first, then and Brock, May, and Max.
  • In the movie, Ash meets Pikachu again on the crystal bridges, in the manga, they reunite when Ash is getting swallowed by the Tree of Beginning's cells.
  • In the original movie, Aaron takes off both of his gloves. In the manga, however, only one glove is seen taken off and worn by Ash when he decides to use his aura.
  • The crystal that encased Aaron doesn't disappear when Lucario passes on, and instead stays and encases his body, too.
  • Ash's gang don't meet up with their friends outside after the Tree of Beginning is saved, but instead, they find the boy, Pikachu, and Kidd Summers.
  • Due to Kidd's jeep getting destroyed, Mew instead takes the group back by transforming into a Tropius and letting Ash, Pikachu, May, Max, Brock, and Kidd ride on its back.

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