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Kenny (Japanese: キンジ Kinji) is a character in the Pokémon anime.

Kenny works as the Gym assistant for the Petalburg Gym. As a result, he is very close to Norman and his family. When Caroline was threatening to leave her husband in Love, Petalburg Style!, Kenny explained the entire situation to May and Max, causing the young boy to get upset.

Since he is the Gym assistant, he also officiated the Gym Battle between Norman and Ash.

He was seen in a flashback in A Scare to Remember!.

Kenny was also seen watching the Hoenn Grand Festival on TV with Norman in Deceit and Assist.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 進藤尚美 Naomi Shindō
English Marc Thompson
Finnish Markus Blom
Italian Massimo Di Benedetto
Brazilian Portuguese Rodrigo Andreatto
Spanish Latin America Gabriel Ortiz
Spain Roberto Cuenca Rodríguez Jr.

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