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Kazunori Aihara is an artist. He has illustrated the entire Let's Find Pokémon! series, which are Pokémon puzzle books in the style of Where's Wally?.

Pokémon books by Kazunori Aihara

  • Let's Find Pokémon!
  • Let's Find Pokémon! 2
  • Let's Find Pokémon! 3
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Gold & Silver
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Crystal
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Ruby & Sapphire
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Fire Red & Leaf Green
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Emerald
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Tons of Fun at the Amusement Park
  • Let's Find Pokémon! Special Complete Edition (compilation of the original three books)

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