Junsei Kuninobu

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Junsei Kuninobu

Junsei Kuninobu is an artist at Game Freak who has worked on multiple Pokémon games. Kuninobu has worked in the game industry since 1999 and was hired by Game Freak as a UI artist in 2015. Prior to working at Game Freak, Kuninobu had been employed at an unknown company making games for smartphones.[1] Additionally, Kuninobu has contributed artwork to the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Game credits

Cards illustrated

Junsei Kuninobu's first illustration for the TCG

Thus far, Junsei Kuninobu has illustrated 1 card, which was the Full Art print of Guzma & Hala from Cosmic Eclipse.

A full list of cards illustrated by Junsei Kuninobu can be found here.


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