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Background of Pokémon dancing while using the Jukebox feature.

The Jukebox (Japanese: ジュークボックス Jukebox) is a feature in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon that allows the player to listen to any song from the game. Similar to the Sky Jukebox in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, the Jukebox can be accessed from the opening menu, though it is accessible from the start of the game unlike the Sky Jukebox. One feature is the ability to use headphones and close the 3DS without interrupting the music. Songs are unlocked by progressing through the story or by raising the player's Expedition Rank.

Some tracks from previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games can also be listened to on the Jukebox.

List of playable songs

# Song
1. Main Theme
2. Main Menu
3. Welcome to the World of Pokémon!
4. Things That Live on This Planet
5. Why, All of a Sudden?!
6. Open Pass
7. Lush Forest
8. At Just Such a Moment
9. It Is What It Is...
10. Over the Mountains
11. Title Theme
12. Nuzleaf's House
13. Children of Serene Village
14. Whoa!
15. Serene Village
16. A Little Kerfuffle
17. Foreboding Forest
18. Mysteries Within
19. Let's Go to School!
20. The Way Home
21. Pancham and Shelmet
22. Getting Scolded
23. Drilbur Coal Mine
24. The Coming Danger
25. Boss Battle: Children's Adventure!
26. Treasure within Your Heart
27. Partner's Theme
28. School Forest
29. During an Adventure
30. No Frustration, No Giving Up
31. Vice Principal Watchog's Theme
32. Glittering Mountain
33. Mellow
34. With Big-Hearted Kindness
35. What to Do...
36. Just Where?!
37. Nectar Meadow
38. Wandering Ampharos
39. Poliwrath River
40. Expedition Society Crown
41. Quiet Night
42. School's Rumors at Night
43. On Patrol at the School
44. So Hot...
45. Terrifying Shadow
46. Pale Flame
47. Ancient Barrow
48. Partner's Theme: Music Box
49. Revelation Mountain
50. Children Came to See Us Off...
51. Time to Set Out
52. Sheer Mountain Range
53. Gentle Slope Cave
54. Lively Town
55. Onward, Expedition Society!
56. Expedition Society: Music Box
57. Legendary Boss Battle: Rock Version!
58. Air Continent: Baram Town
59. Echoes of the Mystical Forest
60. Mystery of Fossils
61. The Coming Danger: Arrangement 1
62. Resilience of the Expedition Society
63. Fire Island Volcano
64. Boss Battle: Expedition Society Fight
65. The Mystery of the Scarf! Evolution!
66. Power of Evolution
67. Showdown with a Volcanic Entei!
68. Things Happening in This World
69. Feelings of the Expedition Society
70. Showdown Mountain
71. Mysteries Within: Arrangement 1
72. Oh No! This Is Bad!
73. Ancient Letters Left Behind.
74. Something Is Amiss...
75. Surprise Attack: Yveltal!
76. A Warning to All Pokémon!
77. Voidlands
78. Abyssal Badlands
79. Within the Sadness
80. Cave of the Deep
81. Calm Craggy Area
82. Void Shadows
83. A Trio of Sacred Legends
84. Reverse Mountain
85. Mysteries Within: Arrangement 2
86. Resolve of a Legendary Trio
87. Entrusted Hope
88. Depths of the Submerged Cave
89. Prehistoric Ruins
90. The Secret of the Lost Memory
91. Tree of Life: Island of the South
92. Road to Primeval Forest
93. Withered Tree of Life
94. Fight with Yveltal and Others!
95. Make It!
96. We Can Fly!
97. Power of Pokémon
98. Tree of Life: Roots
99. Tree of Life: Trunk
100. We'll Definitely... Take You Down!
101. First Dark Matter Battle
102. Dark Matter Reborn!
103. Even if You're Weak, Struggle!
104. Mysteries Within: Arrangement 3
105. Don't Give Up
106. Second Dark Matter Battle
107. A Bad Feeling That Won't Go Away
108. Wh-where Am I...?
109. Tree of Life Revived!
110. Rejoice, the World Is Saved!
111. Heading Home to Serene Village
112. Welcome Home and Thanks!
113. Enveloped in Light...
114. Time to Part Ways
115. The End
116. Epilogue
117. Grass Continent: Capim Town
118. Mist Continent: Noe Town
119. Sand Continent: Sahra Town
120. Whispers of the Forests and Mountains
121. Beach Cave
122. Amp Plains
123. Crystal Cave
124. Boss Battle with Great Powers!
125. Pelipper Island
126. It's a Monster House!
127. Kecleon Shop
128. Stop, Thief!
129. Sand Dune of Spirits
130. Mystery Jungle
131. Purifying Cave
132. Unlimited Dungeon 1
133. Unlimited Dungeon 2
134. Unlimited Dungeon 3
135. V-Wheeeeeel!!!
136. Battling Legends
137. Ragged Mountain
138. Illusory Ragged Mountain
139. Stony Cave
140. Hazy Pass
141. Hazy Pass: Highlands
142. Illusory Hazy Pass
143. Stompstump Peak
144. Desolate Canyon
145. Inflora Forest
146. Crags of Lament
147. Within the Crags of Lament
148. Telluric Path
149. Great Glacier
150. Glacial Underpass
151. Glacier Palace
152. Glacier Palace: Reaches
153. Kilionea Road
154. Forest of Shadows
155. Daybreak Ridge
156. Daybreak Ridge: Highlands
157. Orchre Quarry
158. Withered Savanna
159. Holehills
160. Illusory Holehills
161. Scorching Desert
162. Tyrian Maze
163. Tyrian Maze: Inner Chamber
164. Glacier Palace: Eastern Spire
165. Glacier Palace: Western Spire
166. Glacier Palace: Great Spire
167. Clash with Kyurem!
168. The Bittercold: First Battle
169. The Bittercold: Second Battle
170. Battle with Rayquaza
171. Dialga's Fight to the Finish!

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Juke-Box
Germany Flag.png German Jukebox
Italy Flag.png Italian Jukebox
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gramola

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