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ハイドル Haidoru
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

(Japanese: ハイドル Haidoru) is a character from the Pokémon Try Adventure manga. He is a phantom thief as well as a recurring foe for Katsuya and his friends.


Haidoru appears to take his job as a phantom thief seriously, especially when he yelled at Kecleon for interrupting him in his debut appearance. In later appearances, he has mellowed out a little.


Haidoru first appeared in TA10 where he came out of one of the stone sculptures in the train museum. As Haidoru was about to get away with a Sudowoodo stone sculpture. The grappling hook he used accidentally destroyed some train tracks. With the help of Toki's Snover and Katsuya's Piplup, the tracks were restored to an icy path and Haidoru was left hanging when he used his grappling hook somewhere else.


Haidoru's Kecleon
Kecleon is Haidoru's partner Pokémon. During its first appearance, it interrupted Haidoru when he was about to get away with a Sudowoodo-shaped sculpture. From this point on, it was often lent to Jido.

Kecleon's known moves are Lick and Shadow Sneak.

Debut TA10
Haidoru's Forretress
Forretress is another Pokémon Haidoru owns.

Forretress's only known move is Spikes.

Debut TA18
Haidoru's Umbreon
Umbreon caught Jido after he was falling.

None of Umbreon's moves are known.

Debut TA18

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