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The Truth About The Mysterious Whirl Islands!!
The Truth about the Mysterious Whirl Islands!!
Collected in Vol. 3
Chapter number 19
Location Whirl Islands
Manga series Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys
Previous Chapter Let's Survive This Sea Battle
Next Chapter A Serious Crisis!! The Battle With The Lugia

The Truth About The Mysterious Whirl Islands!! (Japanese: 謎のうずまき島の真実!! The Truth about the Mysterious Whirl Islands) is the nineteenth chapter of the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga.


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Gold and Chris land on the Whirl Islands. Gold remembers that a creature is on the island, and is curious about it. Chris is uneasy and angrily reminds him that they need to go to Cianwood. They go to the island to make a new raft to get to Cianwood. They find garbage scattered. Gold thinks the island is inhabited but Chris does not. Suddenly, a Slowking appears and talks. It thinks they have a Silver Wing, but they do not know what it is. Slowing is displeased and Gold tells it that they are lost and that they need to make a raft. Although Slowking points out some trees, they are too thick for them to saw. Slowking turns to go, carrying a rubber boat. Gold wants it and offers to do anything to obtain it. Slowking then takes them to its dwelling. Chris wonders about the Silver Wing, and Slowking explains that any person with it can challenge a creature called Lugia to a battle. Gold still wants to see it, but Slowking explains that they need the Silver Wing. They arrive at Slowking's dwelling, a cave containing a water of Chinchou. Slowking asks them to take down a Blastoise. Gold thinks it will not take long. They then meet the Blastoise and Slowking explains that it has been protecting "the island" for a century but suddenly turned "violent". Gold tells his Pikachu to use Thunder but Blastoise is large. They later try a combination of Cyndaquil, Pikachu, and Croconow's attacks, impressing Slowking. However Blastoise only becomes more angry. Gold and Crystal are forced to back off. Slowking pulls out a Silver Wing which is blown away, and Pikachu uses Thunder on Blastoise at Gold's command. Blastoise is eventually beaten, although Slowking's cave is ruined. Suddenly, a mysterious creature appears.

Major events

  • Gold and Chris are wreaked on the Whirl Islands.
  • Gold and Chris meet a talking Slowking.
  • Gold and Chris defeat Blastoise.


Pokémon debuts




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