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The following is a list of chapters from the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga created by 斉藤 むねお Muneo Saitō. Altogether, there are 23 chapters.

Volume 1

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
GB01 Let's Go! The Journey Towards The Championship 出発!! チャンピオンへの旅 Departure! Trip to the Championship
GB02 Falkner The Bird Keeper's Challenge!! 挑戦、鳥使い・ハヤト!! Hayato The Bird Tamer's Challenge!
GB03 The Legendary Pokémon Appears! 伝説のポケモン現る!! Legendary Pokémon Appears!!
GB04 Let's Aim For The Goal! バスケでゲットだぜ!! Get the Basketball!!
GB05 Extreme Power!! The Friday Pokémon 超強力!! 金曜日のポケモン Super Strength!! The Friday Pokémon
GB06 Get up Again, Bayleef 立ちあがれ、ベイリーフ Get Up, Bayleaf
GB07 The Great Search! Let's Rescue The Slowpoke! 大追跡! 消えたヤドンを救え!! The Great Search! Rescue the Missing Yadon!!
GB08 For Pikachu's Sake!! The Search For The Missing Farfetch'd ピカチュウ争奪!! カモネギ探し Struggle for Pikachu!! Find Kamonegi

Volume 2

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
GB09 Let's Use Fighting Type Pokémon!! かくとうポケモンを使いこなせ!! Use Fighting Pokémon!!
GB10 A Huge Mysterious Tree!! ぶったおせ! 謎の大木!! Solid Strike! Large Tree of Puzzles!!
GB11 Gold and Black VS Team Rocket ゴールド・ブラックVSロケット団 Gold and Black VS Team Rocket
GB12 The Legendary Pokémon 出現! 伝説のポケモン Appearance! Legendary Pokémon
GB13 A Promise Given to Miltank ミルタンクとの約束 A Promise Given to Miltank
GB14 Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament 熱戦! ミニポケモン大会 A Close Game! Mini Pokémon Tournament
GB15 Escape From The Mystery Forest! 謎の森をぬけだせ!! Escape From The Mysterious Forest!!
GB16 The New Pokémon Is Hatched!! 生まれてこい! 新ポケモン!! Come to Life! New Pokémon!!

Volume 3

English title Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
GB17 A Spectacular Battle To Save Ampharos!! デンリュウ救出大作戦!! Denryu Big Rescue Mission!!
GB18 Let's Survive This Sea Battle きりぬけろ! 激闘海上バトル Let's Get this Over! The Fierce Sea Battle
GB19 The Truth About The Mysterious Whirl Islands!! 謎のうずまき島の真実!! The Truth about the Mysterious Whirl Islands!!
GB20 A Serious Crisis!! The Battle With The Lugia 絶体絶命!! ルギアとの戦い Desperate Situation!! The Battle With Lugia
GB21 The Secret Of The Fighting Type Pokémon かくとうポケモンの極意 The Essential Point of the Fighting Pokémon
GB22 Farewell To Pikachu?! ピカチュウとの別れ!? Farewell To Pikachu!?
GB23 Let's Fight For The Future!! ともに戦おう!! 未来のために Let's Battle Together!! For the Future

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