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A Promise Given to Miltank
A Promise Given to Miltank
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 13
Location Route 38
Manga series Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys
Previous Chapter The Legendary Pokémon
Next Chapter Let's Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament

A Promise Given to Miltank (Japanese: ミルタンクとの約束 A Promise Given to Miltank) is the thirteenth chapter of the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga.


Gold wants to challenge Morty to a Gym battle, but Morty declines, insisting that Gold earn one more Badge first (as he only has two). He and Whitney agree to a rematch so that he can earn the Plain Badge from her first, but when Miltank tries to battle, it collapses.

When taken to the Pokémon Center, Whitney learns that Miltank has come down with a disease that has been spreading to various Miltank in the region, including those living at Moomoo Farm. The Pokémon Center Nurse says that the only cure is lots of Berries, however, they need to get them before the sun goes down or Miltank may die from its sickness. Complicating matters further, Morty informs them that Moomoo Farm has bought up all the Berries in town, and that they will have to search for some growing wild.

Whitney gets Pikachu to Headbutt a tree, but all that falls down are some Pineco, which use Explosion. The group keep trying different trees, but all they find are wild Pokémon and Apricorns. Finally, they find a tree with real Berries, but it is covered in Heracross. Gold sends out Sudowoodo and uses it as a distraction to the tree-loving Heracross. Gold and Whitney then use their other Pokémon together to defeat the Heracross, allowing them to get to the Berries in the tree.

Pikachu Headbutts the tree and collects the Berries in a satchel. A Spearow swoops down and grabs the satchel, but Morty gets his Gengar to use Mean Look, causing Spearow to drop it.

The Berries are fed to Miltank in time and it recovers completely. As a reward for not giving up and for saving Miltank's life, Whitney awards Gold the Plain Badge and returns Pikachu, leaving the group.

Major events

  • Gold saves Miltank's life.
  • Whitney awards Gold the Plain Badge.
  • Whitney leaves the group.


Pokémon debuts






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