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Flow (Japanese: パッション Passion) is a property that is determined by the weaknesses and resistances of the types of Pokémon inside of the Purify Chamber.

In each Set, up to four Pokémon can be arranged around the Shadow Pokémon being purified. Placing a Pokémon whose type is super effective against one of the next Pokémon's types, clockwise around, will result in high Flow. A type that inflicts normal damage results in weaker Flow, one that is resisted will be weaker still, and one with no effect will be the weakest. Because the Normal type is not super effective against any other type, it is treated as super effective against itself in the Purify Chamber. If one has a full set with four Pokémon and one shadow Pokémon that do not share any types, then the Flow, in addition to the four huge bars, gets smaller bars. One small bar will be awarded for each set that also has four Pokémon with no common types. If all nine sets have four Pokémon with no shared types, and types that are super effective against each other (i.e. Shadow Zapdos, Poliwrath, Nosepass, Flareon, and Chikorita), then all sets will have maximum Flow with filled gauges. However, if a Pokémon is removed, then the Flow for all sets will weaken by one small bar. If a Shadow Pokémon shares the same type as one of the other non-Shadow Pokémon, the Flow for that Chamber will be at four, but all other Sets will have a full bar. If a Shadow Pokémon faces a Pokémon in the circle than it would be super effective against, the Flow is also strengthened. Likewise, if the Shadow Pokémon faces a Pokémon it would be not very effective, or have no effect against, it will weaken the Flow.

Flow is one of the most important things about the organization of Pokémon inside of the Sets. High Flow among Pokémon in a group of four will raise the Tempo (Japanese: テンポ Tempo) of the music inside the chamber, causing the Shadow Pokémon in the middle to be purified very quickly, while a low Flow will purify Pokémon at a rate similar to just walking around with the Pokémon in the party.

Having a high Flow, and thus a high Tempo, among all nine of the Sets in the Purify Chamber is the only way to purify Shadow Lugia.

In other languages


Language Title
France Flag.png French Fluidite
Germany Flag.png German Fluidum
Italy Flag.png Italian Ritmo
Spain Flag.png Spanish Flujo


Language Title
France Flag.png French Tempo
Germany Flag.png German Tempo
Italy Flag.png Italian Forza
Spain Flag.png Spanish Unión

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