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Fishing Guru's younger brother in Pokémon Origins

The Fishing Brothers (Japanese: つりずききょうだい Fishing Brothers), or more commonly called the Fishing Gurus, are characters in Generations I, II, III, and IV who give out different types of Rods. They are all related to each other as brothers, and are spread out through Kanto and Johto. Other characters who give out Fishing Rods appear in Hoenn and Sinnoh.

The Fishing Brothers

Vermilion City brother

In the Generation I and III games, a man known as the Fishing Guru (Japanese: つりおやじ Fishing Guy) lives in Vermilion City in the Kanto region. He gives away an Old Rod. In Generations II and IV, he is known as the Fishing GuruGS/Fishing DudeCHGSS (Japanese: つりオヤジ Fishing Guy) and claims to be the eldest of the Fishing Brothers. He is located in the house to the left of the Pokémon Center.

Lake of Rage Fishing Guru

In the Generation II and IV games, a man known as the Fishing Guru (Japanese: つりめいじん Fishing Master) lives at the Lake of Rage in the Johto region. His greatest dream is to see the world's largest Magikarp, and he regularly measures those brought to him in order to realize it. If the player brings him a large enough Magikarp, he will give the player an EtherGSHGSS/ElixerC as a prize.

Silence Bridge brother

In the Generation I, II, III, and IV games, Fishing Guru's younger brother (Japanese: つりおやじのおとうとRGBYFRLG / つりオヤジおとうとGSCHGSS Fishing Guy's younger brother) lives on Silence Bridge in the Kanto region. He gives away a Super Rod. In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, if the player shows him a Magikarp larger than any he has seen before, he gives the player a Net Ball.

Fuchsia City brother

In Generation I and III, Fishing Guru's older brother (Japanese: つりおやじのあに Fishing Guy's older brother) lives in Fuchsia City in the Kanto region. He gives away a Good Rod. He claims to be the older brother of the Vermilion Fishing Guru, which effectively makes him the oldest of the three brothers in these games. There is also a small pond at the back of his house, where people can fish.

In the anime

The Vermilion Fishing Guru in Pokémon Origins

Pokémon Origins

Two of the three Fishing Brothers appeared briefly in Pokémon Origins. The Vermilion Fishing Guru appeared in File 2: Cubone, where he gave Red an Old Rod. In File 3: Giovanni, Red was seen obtaining a Super Rod from Fishing Guru's younger brother at Silence Bridge.


  • In the English version of Pokémon Gold and Silver, there are two characters known as the Fishing Guru (the brothers at Vermilion City and Lake of Rage), despite differing Japanese names. To disambiguate, the Vermilion brother is renamed to Fishing Dude in Pokémon Crystal. However, this creates a naming inconsistency with the Generation I games, where the same brother was known as the Fishing Guru.
  • The Fuchsia brother claims to be eldest of the three in Kanto-based games, while in Johto-based games the Vermilion brother claims to be the eldest (who previously claimed to be the middle one).
    • While in the English version this could be explained by brothers moving houses (with the Lake of Rage Fishing Guru being the same character who previously lived in Vermilion in Generation I, while the oldest brother, the Fishing Dude, moved from Fuchsia to his brother's house in Vermilion), this is not true in the Japanese version, in which the brother known as the Fishing Guy makes contradicting claims about his seniority.
    • The only brother whose seniority stays the same throughout all generations and language versions is the one at Silence Bridge, who is consistently referred to as the Fishing Guru's (Fishing Guy's) younger brother (although the English versions of Generation I games do not state his seniority). He is also the only brother to never get a title of his own.

In other languages

Fishing Brothers

Language Title
France Flag.png French Frères Pêcheurs
Germany Flag.png German Gebrüder AnglerGS
Italy Flag.png Italian Fratelli Pescatori
South Korea Flag.png Korean 낚시 형제 Naksi Hyeongje
Spain Flag.png Spanish Hermanos Pescadores

Fishing Guru

Language Title
France Flag.png French Maître Pêcheur
Germany Flag.png German Profi-Angler
Italy Flag.png Italian Guru Pescatore
South Korea Flag.png Korean 낚시명인 Naksi Myeong-in*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gurú Pescador

Fishing Dude

Language Title
France Flag.png French Gars qui pêche
Germany Flag.png German Senior-Angler
Italy Flag.png Italian Pescatore Gentile
South Korea Flag.png Korean 낚시아저씨 Naksi Ajeossi*
Spain Flag.png Spanish Tío Pescador

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