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Undubbed character This article is about a character featured in the Pokémon anime who has not yet debuted in the English language dub.
As such, their information may contain romanized Japanese names, rather than dub names.

(Japanese: エンドウ Endō) is a character of the day who appeared in JN052. He is a farmer who owns a farm called Endo Farm.

As a student of Professor Cerise

Endo is a former student of Professor Cerise and knew Chloe when she was younger. In JN052, he sent Professor Cerise a supply of vegetables and wrote about having trouble with a group of Diglett and a Dugtrio ravaging his field.

Endo was reunited with Chloe when she visited the field alongside Ash and Goh to help deal with the Diglett and Dugtrio. Endo stopped Goh from attempting to catch his Voltorb and explained the situation to them. They worked hard to save the vegetables from the Diglett and Dugtrio, and Goh eventually came up with a plan to catch them. Goh succeeded in catching a Diglett and the Dugtrio, while the remaining Diglett left.

Endo, Ash, Goh, and Chloe followed the Diglett and encountered Team Rocket. With Goh's Dugtrio, the group was able to send them blasting off. Upon realizing the ground tilled by Dugtrio was useful for farming, Goh left Dugtrio with Endo as they returned to Cerise Laboratory.


On hand

This listing is of Endo's known Pokémon in the anime:

Endo's Voltorb
Voltorb is Endo's first known Pokémon. It helps him in his farm work by de-weeding his fields with its electricity. It also tried to deal with the Diglett troubling the farm, but it was exhausted by their sheer numbers.

None of Voltorb's moves are known.

Debut JN052
Endo's Dugtrio
Dugtrio is Endo's second known Pokémon. It was the leader of a group of Diglett that were eating the crops at Endo Farm. It was ultimately caught by Goh in order to stop them. However, after Goh realized Diglett and Dugtrio also help cultivate the soil, he gave Dugtrio to Endo so that it could continue to work for the benefit of the farm.

Dugtrio's known moves are Dig, Bulldoze, and Sand Tomb.

Debut JN052


Endo's Diglett (multiple)
Diglett (multiple)
A group of Diglett were eating the crops at Endo Farm. Once their Dugtrio leader was caught by Goh and given to Endo, they started hanging around Endo Farm to help till the soil.

None of the Diglett's moves are known.

Debut JN052

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 上村祐翔 Yūto Uemura


Language Name Origin
Japanese エンドウ Endō From 豌豆 endō (pea)

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