Easy-to-Build Fighting Deck (TCG)

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The Easy-to-Build Fighting Deck is a predominantly Fighting type deck found in the Team Rocket Strategy Guide. The deck is considered easy-to-build as it contains few rare cards, with the aim that a player of any age or skill level could complete it.


An all-Fighting deck is very tricky, because one Pokémon with Resistance to Fighting can make you miserable. Against a Pokémon with Resistance to Fighting, use either Gust of Wind, Jigglypuff, Dark Machoke, or Dark Machamp. Gust of Wind is good if your opponent has Pokémon that don't have Resistance to Fighting, and even better when he or she has Pokémon with a Weakness to Fighting. Jigglypuff has a Resistance to Psychic, which is this deck's number one weakness. Like Gust of Wind, Dark Machoke can move your opponent's Pokémon around.

Dark Machamp's Fling attack is perfect against Pokémon with Resistance to Fighting. It doesn't deal any damage. Instead, it just shuffles that Pokémon back into your opponent's deck! You can't win the game this way, but if your opponent doesn't find more Basic Pokémon right away, you should soon win. Just shuffle all but one of your opponent's Pokémon back into his or her deck. Save the smallest Pokémon for last, and Knock Out that Pokémon with Mega Punch.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Dark Machamp Fighting Rare
Dark Machoke Fighting Uncommon
Diglett Fighting Common
Hitmonchan Fighting Rare Holo
Hitmonlee Fighting Rare
Jigglypuff Colorless Common
Machop Fighting Common
Sandshrew Fighting Common
Sandslash Fighting Uncommon
Bill T Common
Gust of Wind T Common
Potion T Common
Professor Oak T Uncommon
Super Potion T Uncommon
Switch T Common
The Boss's Way T Uncommon
Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon
20× Fighting Energy Fighting E Common
Full Heal Energy Colorless E Uncommon
Potion Energy Colorless E Uncommon

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