Chocolate Field

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Chocolate Field
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Chocolate Field
Chocolate Field PMD.png
Basic info
Floors: 19
Rest stops: None
Traps: Yes
Monster Houses: Yes
Main type: Electric
Boss: None
Recruiting: Yes
Items: Yes
Money: Yes
Starting level: Current
Team members: 4
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(Japanese: チョコレートづか Chocolate Field) is the sixth dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Light Adventure Squad!. It is unlocked a few days after reaching the third rank. The player is first sent here by the village to find a piece of chocolate. A darkness starts at 6F and continues throughout the entire dungeon.

Pokémon encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Nidorino (Pokémon) Nidorino 1-6 ? ?%
Abra (Pokémon) Abra 1-6 ? ?%
Weepinbell (Pokémon) Weepinbell 1-7 ? ?%
Starly (Pokémon) Starly 1-6 ? ?%
Stantler (Pokémon) Stantler 4-9 ? ?%
Glameow (Pokémon) Glameow 6-12 ? ?%
Mightyena (Pokémon) Mightyena 7-13 ? ?%
Lickitung (Pokémon) Lickitung 8-13 ? ?%
Beldum (Pokémon) Beldum 9-15 ? ?%
Miltank (Pokémon) Miltank 10-16 ? ?%
Sudowoodo (Pokémon) Sudowoodo 12-19 ? ?%
Gastly (Pokémon) Gastly 13-19 ? ?%
Parasect (Pokémon) Parasect 15-19 ? ?%
Combee (Pokémon) Combee 15-19 ? ?%
Kirlia (Pokémon) Kirlia 16-19 ? ?%
Pidgeotto (Pokémon) Pidgeotto 17-19 ? ?%
Staravia (Pokémon) Staravia 18-19 ? ?%


Players can find Pokémon, Gust, Slumber, Blast, Spin, and Poison traps here.

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