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Carter with Ash and company

Carter is a character of the day who appeared in Bulbasaur...the Ambassador!.

While on their way to Ecruteak City, Ash and his friends were nearly bowled over by some runaway milk cans. Carter called out to the group, who went onto stop the milk cans from rolling any further downhill. Thanks to Ash and the others, Carter recovered his milk cans and loaded them back in his truck. When he heard that they were going to Ecruteak City, he informed them that he was heading there as well. He offered them a ride in a blimp, and with provided tickets the group accepted. The blimp landed near Moomoo Ranch. After the ride, Ash and his friends said goodbye to Carter and continued onto Ecruteak.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小西克幸 Katsuyuki Konishi
English Jimmy Zoppi
Polish Mikołaj Klimek
European Spanish Eduardo del Hoyo


  • Carter was not given an official name in the Japanese version.

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