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The Predestined Battle!
Showdown of Destiny!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 5
Location Battle Frontier
Manga series Pokémon Battle Frontier
Previous Chapter Introducing the Frontier Brains!
Next Chapter Final Battle: Versus The Salon Maiden

The Predestined Battle! (Japanese: 宿命の対決! Showdown of Destiny!) is the fifth chapter of the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga.


The chapter begins with Enta defeating Palace Maven Spenser, earning him his 5th Frontier Symbol as Pike Queen Lucy watches from the shadows. Enta speaks with the photographer after his battle about whether his next challenge should be at the Battle Tower or Battle Pike, however before he can decide his Zangoose comes out of its Ball involuntarily in a rage, an action it has been doing since Enta has arrived at the Frontier. Mitsuki arrives on the scene and tries to calm it down, but is instead attacked. It is at this point when Lucy arrives with her Seviper, agitating Zangoose even more. After a short exchange, Enta decides to make the Battle Pike his next destination. During this exchange, she calls the photographer by the name Anabel, and is angered by Enta when he calls her middle aged. Enta asks the photographer what it was Lucy called her, but before she can answer, Rald turns up telling Enta that her name is Anabel. Enta asks how he knows Anabel, but Rald tells him that he should be moving on to his challenge at the Battle Pike. Mitsuki then finds out from Rald that Anabel is actually the Frontier Brain of the Battle Tower, and the toughest of them all. Meanwhile, Enta makes his way through the Battle Pike to where Lucy is. After a fierce battle it comes down to Zangoose vs. Seviper, Enta still unaware of the cause of Zangoose's agitation, tries to get it to listen, however Lucy tells him that Zangoose and Seviper are natural enemies. When Seviper strikes with a Poison Tail, Enta jumps in to protect Zangoose, apologizing for not realizing its feelings sooner and calming it down. The referee asks if the battle should be ended due to Enta's interference, but Lucy insists that it goes on. Enta continues to battle with Zangoose as the poison slowly gets to him. Eventually, Seviper lands a Poison Fang on Zangoose, however Zangoose is fine due to its Immunity and it finishes Seviper off with a Counter and Crush Claw. Lucy congratulates Enta on his victory and tells him that the identity of the final Frontier Brain is Anabel. Enta is shocked by this, but is eager to take on the next challenge.

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