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Battle Between Student and Master!
Battle with Master!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 3
Location Battle Frontier
Manga series Pokémon Battle Frontier
Previous Chapter Aim for the Top!
Next Chapter Introducing the Frontier Brains!

Battle Between Student and Master! (Japanese: 師匠との決戦! Battle with Master!) is the third chapter of the Pokémon Battle Frontier manga.


After a winning streak at the Battle Tower, Enta goes to tell Rald of his victories, after which Rald suggests that he should go find his name in the Record Hall. There he meets Scott, who invites him to witness one of Rald's battles. After witnessing Rald defeat Mitsuki at the Battle Dome, with almost no damage to his own Pokémon, Enta is amazed by the level of skill his Master has and worries that he'll never be able to reach that level. However, he decides that he can't let himself give up and that he'll continue to improve himself due to the bonds he shares with his team. Mitsuki overhears this and decides to become a training partner for Enta. After training together, Enta enters the tower again, making astounding progress, to the point where if he wins his next match, he'll take the record for most consecutive victories. His next opponent however is his Master, Rald. Enta declares that he's gonna give it everything he's got, to which Rald replies that he won't be going easy on Enta. The intense match goes on until only one Pokémon on each side stand. Enta's Vulpix and Rald's Sceptile. It looks as though the next attack will be the last, Enta calls Flamethrower while Rald calls Leaf Blade. Sceptile strikes first, but Vulpix barely survives and is sent to use Overheat, but is caught by Sceptile before executing the move, Enta takes the chance to order an Ultra Point-Blank Flamethrower. Sceptile struggles to rise back to its feet, however before it can, Enta forfeits the match, not wanting to see Vulpix take any more damage than it already has. Rald congratulates Enta on a battle well fought, saying that it was the best battle he's ever had, prompting Enta to burst into tears. The next day, Mitsuki is taking the Multi Battle challenge again, wondering which pretty lady he should choose as his partner. However, before he has a chance to choose, Enta arrives choosing him as his partner again, knowing the more he practices and battles, the greater Trainer he'll become.

Major events

  • Enta witnesses a battle between Rald and Mitsuki and is astounded by Rald's skills.
  • Enta reaches the point in the Battle Tower where if he wins another match, he'll have broken the current consecutive win record, however his next opponent is Rald. After an intense battle between the two Trainers, Enta still lost.
  • Enta vows to continue to train and battle in order to become an even greater Trainer.


Pokémon debuts




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