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Project Leader were Bulbapedia users that were designated as the most knowledgeable users regarding a particular Bulbapedia Project, and were chosen by the Leadership Board to run that Project. This position has since been retired.

The Project Leader managed the Project's to-do list and had the authority to settle disputes regarding the project. Essentially, the Project Leader had a say in all goings-on in the Project and held a position above that of other users, but only in Project scenarios.

Former Project Leaders

Powers and authority

The role of Project Leader did not come with additional Mediawiki editing privileges, although some Leaders may have had other staff positions in addition to their role in the Project. In regards to their own Projects, each Leader had the authority to:

  • Manage the Project's to-do list
    • Project Leaders are expected to maintain a list of ongoing tasks for the members of the Project to work on. This may include edit drives, template updates, synopsis writing and unstubbing.
  • Dictate the actions and focus of the Project
    • Project Leaders are in charge of the vision for the Project and should liaison with members to make sure this is achieved.
  • Revoke membership of the project
    • If Project members are behaving inappropriately in regards to Project matters, then their membership may be revoked by the Project Leader.
  • Set requirements for entry into the Project
  • Settle disputes regarding the Project

Becoming a Project Leader

The Project Leader position was retired on September 22, 2014, and users may no longer apply to become a Project Leader.