Bidoof (Duel 20)

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ビッパ Bippa
Evolution stage 1
Figure name Bidoof
Move Points 2
Normal Unknown
Rarity Common
Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur
Version 1.0.0
ID 20
Time Booster League Beginner
Special Time Boosters None
Locked Booster Yes
Material Exchange
and Gem Exchange
250 Material
50 Gems
For more information on the Pokémon this figure depicts, see Bidoof.

Bidoof (Japanese: ビッパ Bippa) is a figure in Pokémon Duel. It was made available in version 1.0.0.



Data Disk

Version 7.0.0

Duel Z-Move.png Breakneck Blitz ウルトラダッシュアタック 96 pt.
Pokémon knocked out by this Attack's damage are temporarily excluded from the duel, returning to the bench 7 turns later.
Cut いあいぎり 44 pt.
Rock Smash いわくだき 48 pt.
Miss ミス 4 pt.

Version 1.0.0-6.2.11

Cut いあいぎり 44 pt.
Rock Smash いわくだき 48 pt.
Miss ミス 4 pt.

Release information

This figure was available as a Random Reward for clearing Challenge 2 in Ulex, Challenge 8 in Château de Rosa, Challenge 11 in Château de Rosa, Challenge 4 in The Volcano, and Challenge 23 in Elysium.



Cut and Rock Smash are moves in the Pokémon games that Bidoof can learn via HM. Breakneck Blitz is a Z-Move in the games that Bidoof can use by equipping Normalium Z.

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