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Tilt Village

Once you get there Murph till tell you to go report to Rand. So get going to Rand's House. At Rand's house you give Rand a report and Nema checks on your Styler. Leanne says that Ranger Signs can be used to call other Pokémon other than the legendaries. Then she borrows the book to research. Rand gives you a report to give to Murph. So get back to Tilt Village. And go to Murph, where you meet Red Eyes. He tells you to meet him at Daybreak Ruins with Blue Eyes where he will come with Summer/Ben.

Mitonga Road

Now go to Mitonga Road, east of the village, From there go east, till you meet some pinchers. Then follow the path to the north. After capturing a Quilava and an Ambipom. Follow the path to Daybreak Ruins. Use Raikou's Roar and 2 Sentret pop out.

Rescue Ben/Summer

Daybreak Ruins

Enter the ruins and the Mission Rescue Summer/Ben starts. Go east and catch Natu. Go west and catch Kirlia. Go north. And pinchers attack you with 2 agitated Pichu, so catch them. After the capture light up that Mysterious Orb. You gain access to the room on the right. Go in the room on the left and light up that Mysterious Orb. Go in the room on the right and touch both the mirrors once. Go in the left room again. And go up the stairs in the north, catch that Quilava on the way and you meet a pincher with an agitated Xatu, you need to catch it, of course. Continue into the room. There is one more Quilava on the way catch it too. Catch the Natu tothe right. Go north and you meet the pinchers again. This time its Bronzor, Bibarel and Sableye. Catch that Mankey at the bottom of the stairs. Go in the room down the stairs and remove the road block with the help of Quilava. Go in. Catch that Kirlia on the right, then go the other way.and light that Orb. Touch all the mirrors except the one on the top of the Orb once. Light up the Orb on the right too and a path opens up.

Go up the stairs and enter the last room of the Ruins. Also be ready to take on Entei. After the capture Entei's sign will be seen. Record it and Red Eyes will come around and the hostage exchange takes place. The pinchers alson retrive the Emblem. He throws out some Electrode and flees. Mission Clear.

Summer/Ben decides to have their Styler fixed at Rand's house, but the problem is that the explosion blocked the exit. So call on Entei and break the rocks to the right and get out of there.

Mitonga Road

Go back to Rand's House.

Rand's House

Nema fixes your partner's Styler and upgrades yours. Now you can use Power Charge. Both during capture and Sign Mode. Leanne tells you that you can call other Pokémon with Ranger Signs. Click here to get some signs.

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