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The Shadow of a Pokémon

The chapter begins with you and your partner talking at the beach. Your partner begins to talk of the Hidden Land, and how, if it's hidden, how both of you are going to find it in the first place.

Suddenly a shadow of a Pokémon comes up (seemingly appearing out of the sun) and it appears to be swimming towards you. Your partner gets a bit creeped out and wonders who the Pokémon is. After this remark, the camera zooms in a bit to reveal the color of the Pokémon, revealing it to be a Lapras, who is simply swimming back and forth. Your partner (and you) who obviously didn't see the colors, still wonders who the Pokémon is. Your partner then realizes how late it's getting, and the two of you head back to the guild.

Later it shows Wigglytuff standing on a cliff-like sort of land. Dangerous! However, Wigglytuff doesn't appear to be jumping off or anything of the sort; instead, the Lapras from earlier is coming to meet Wigglytuff. After Lapras comes, Wigglytuff asks about the Hidden Land...

The Relic Fragment

When the morning briefing begins, Torkoal is inside the guild, causing everyone to get excited. Torkoal is telling everyone about the proof you need to go to the Hidden Land, which is a rock-like fragment with a pattern you rarely see, and how the fragment only responds to those with pure hearts. He tries to describe the pattern, however in his old age he seems to have much difficulty.

You suddenly remember something--your partner's Relic Fragment! You turn to your partner and ask him/her to show Torkoal the patter on his/her Relic Fragment. Reluctantly, your partner agrees.

Torkoal's mind is blown when he sees the Relic Fragment, saying that this is the exact pattern, surprising everyone. After explaining some more things, and saying he will tell them how to get to the Hidden Land in the first place (if he remembers), he exits the guild.

Later it shows a scene of Torkoal walking out, complaining of his old age and his bones. He wonders vaguely about how much faster he could have gotten out here if he was young, and how he's jealous of all those at the guild, perfectly young. Team Skull suddenly appears out of nowhere, confronting Torkoal and asking if he knows anything about the Hidden Land...

Chatot, the new Guildmaster?!

Again, there is another morning briefing, with a specific scene, which means this morning meeting is obviously very important. Everyone looks around and wonders where Wigglytuff went, to which Chatot responds that Wigglytuff had some serious business to do, and how he, Chatot, is going to be taking care of this place for now!

Everyone is silent, and isn't very enthusiastic about Chatot replacing the Guildmaster. Some apprentices even complain loudly, lacking the sense of being considerate. Chatot gets very upset, saying that they must not be picky about who is being the leader of the guild. Everyone agrees on how, without Wigglytuff, things seem a lot less safer. Sunflora, however says that they need to trust Chatot, and everyone agrees.

After all this is done, Chatot goes to talk to you. You'll have to go and explore Brine Cave, which is said to lead to Hidden Land, with him. As such, you can't bring along the Pokémon you recruited, no matter how hard you try. Prepare at Treasure Town and head off to Brine Cave!

Brine Cave

The dungeon isn't too hard, unless you're a type that's weak to Water. If Chatot faints, it's game over, so make sure he doesn't take too many hits. Don't you wish Grovyle was here? He's actually a useful partner. The weather here is often Rainy.

Pokémon Encountered

Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Seel (Pokémon) Seel 1-5 34 3.9%
Kingler (Pokémon) Kingler 1-8 36 -4.5%
Omanyte (Pokémon) Omanyte 1-7 36 6.4%
Pelipper (Pokémon) Pelipper 1-8 ? -12%
Gastrodon (Pokémon) Gastrodon
West Sea
1-Pit 1 22 8.2%
Tentacool (Pokémon) Tentacool 6-Pit 5 35 8.2%
Dewgong (Pokémon) Dewgong 6-Pit 1 ? -4.5%
Staryu (Pokémon) Staryu 8-Pit 5 ? 8.2%
Walrein (Pokémon) Walrein Pit 2-Pit 5 36 0.5%
Dragonair (Pokémon) Dragonair Pit 2-Pit 5 ? -4.5%
Omastar (Pokémon) Omastar Lower Brine Cave* ? Unrecruitable Boss
Kabutops (Pokémon) Kabutops Lower Brine Cave* ? Unrecruitable Boss

Team Skull Appears!

Fulfilling their wish of catching up to you, Team Skull come up very suddenly, they seem to have simply popped up out of the ground. Apparently, Team Skull is here to take your partner's Relic Fragment. Chatot is puzzled why'd they do such a thing, as he is mistaking them to be the "nice" exploration team that came with you on the expedition. Team Skull laughs cruelly, takes the Relic Fragment, insults Chatot, and makes a break for it.

Chatot is so upset about the insults he received that he tears after them, shouting insults at them as well (thinking Team Skull could hear him). Your partner gets extremely surprised, and says that if Chatot is by himself, he'll be in grave danger. As such, prepare at the Kangaskhan Rock and head off into Lower Brine Cave to save Chatot!

Lower Brine Cave

An advanced version of Brine Cave, same enemy Pokémon and all. The main type here is still Water, although, despite being an advanced version, it's much easier now that you don't have to act as Chatot's bodyguard. Still, not much of a difference.

Thanks, Team Skull!

After completing the dungeon. you'll find Team Skull, who appears to be severely injured. Your partner gets extremely worried, which is odd, because Team Skull and your team always held dislike for each other. Despite your animosity, you and your partner will still help out, causing Team Skull to also get confused. (Accidentally) Team Skull "gave" or dropped the fragment, and say that Chatot is in more danger than Team Skull. Suddenly remembering this, you and your partner head off deeper into the dungeon.

There's Chatot, looking around aimlessly. Your partner is glad to see that he's OK, and asks Chatot what he's looking for and wonders where the boss is. Chatot claims that that's what he's been looking for all along. And then he remembers...the three Pokémon came from above!

The game shows a picture of Chatot looking above, as well as Kabutops with his two Omastar. Seeing Chatot looking at them, Kabutops and his Omastar minions drop down from the ceiling, slightly surprising you and your partner, despite Chatot's warning.

Kabutops and his Omastar mock the three of you, particularly Chatot, since they vividly remember Chatot's previous defeat. However, they only try to attack you and your partner, since they claim they want to battle someone "worthy" this time. Unlike Team Skull, Chatot is too afraid to go and confront them.

There was a huge flash of white light--you were done for!--but then...what's this?

Chatot had put himself in the line of fire to protect both of you, saying that Kabutops and Omastar won't hurt fellow guild members!

Kabutops and Omastar laugh at him, and you and your partner get concerned, as well as your partner getting enraged. In fact, your partner gets so enraged that you engage in a battle.

Boss Battle

Grass moves will definitely hit hard here, however if you don't have any Grass moves Electric type moves could also work well, particularly Discharge, since it hits everyone. If you don't have either of those, try hitting it with Wide Slash, which hits three Pokémon across. If you don't have any of these, hit all of them with your best moves.

Omastar could be knocked out quite easily, as they only have 190 HP. It should be Kabutops you should be worrying about, which should be a bit obvious, since he is their leader. With 700+ HP, you probably won't be knocking him out anytime soon. Despite this, it's still quite easy.


After defeating this boss, Kabutops and Omastar will flee. Your partner gets happy that both of you beat them, however he/she remembers Chatot. The two of you rush over to him, but you two aren't the only ones--the whole guild is rushing to Chatot's aid. To your surprise, Grovyle is also with them! Your partner gets surprised but pleased as well. However the guild tells you, your partner, and Grovyle to head off deeper into the cave as Wigglytuff cries over Chatot.

The three of you follow the guild's orders, going deeper into the cave. All of you see a strange pattern on the walls of the cave, as well as the cave opening out to the sea. The pattern on the wall seems to be vaguely familiar to you. And then you remember...(again) your partner's Relic Fragment, the key to getting to Hidden Land!

You tell your partner about the Relic Fragment, which brings your partner back to earth with a loud thump, since he/she was enjoying the view so much. He/she sets out the Relic Fragment, which immediately reacts to the pattern on the wall, and vice versa.

After the patterns flash between its normal coloring and blue multiple times, a white beam of light is shot across the sea, summoning Lapras, who explains that he is the key to get to Hidden Land, and tells you to ride on his back. You, your partner, and Grovyle obediently ride his back and off to the Hidden Land!

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