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Jagged Pass

Magma Hideout entrance

Having received the Magma Emblem from the caretakers atop Mt. Pyre, the next step is to use it. Fly back to Lavaridge Town and Route 112, then either enter Jagged Pass from the south and use the Acro Bike to scale the cliffs, or ride the cable car to the summit and descend. Hike through the area until you reach the halfway point, where you passed that Magma Grunt on your first visit. Just then, a suspicious-looking part of the cliffside begins shaking in response to the Magma Emblem. By the time the tremor subsides, a gaping hole has appeared in the rock!

Magma Hideout, 1F
Magma Hideout, 2F
Magma Hideout, 2F (Room 2)
Magma Hideout, 3F
Magma Hideout, 3F (Room 2)
Magma Hideout, 4F
Magma Hideout, 3F (Room 3)
Magma Hideout, 2F (Room 3)

Magma Hideout

Located deep in the side of Mt. Chimney, the Team Magma Hideout serves as the terrestrial team's base of operations. Many strange machines can be found inside, and one chamber even holds excavation equipment for further expansion.


Enter the base, turn the corner, and use Strength to move past the group of boulders. Continue on to battle the Grunt on the east side of the chamber, then take the southeast doorway.


Make your way down the cliffside, battling four more Grunts along the way. After that, head through the mid-level doorway to detour for a handful of items.

2F (Room 2)

Go north to fight a couple of Grunts in a Double Battle, then collect the Full Restore just beyond them. Head back south, then turn east to battle another two Grunts and grab the Max Elixir to the northwest. Continue eastward and head through the northeast doorway.

Back on 1F, follow the elevated path to the southwest, battling a single Grunt along the way to the path's end, where you find a Rare Candy. Backtrack through 2F (Room 2) to the southwest doorway to return to 2F.


Continue down the cliffside and go through the doorway at the bottom.


Head west around the lava pool to battle the first Grunt. Walk down the stairway and go through the doorway to the east.

3F (Room 2)

Pick up a PP Max to the northwest and battle the Grunt to the northeast, then return to the previous chamber.


Walk down the stairway and fight the second Grunt. Go west and collect the Nugget before heading south through the doorway.


Head down the stairway and go west, battling three more Grunts along the way. Continue westward and you are stopped by Magma Admin Tabitha. He tells you that Maxie is up ahead, and draws you into battle to buy some time for his boss.

VS Tabitha

Collect a Max Revive from the northwest corner, then turn south. Up ahead, you find Maxie standing on the edge of a lava pool, talking to the sleeping form of the super-ancient Pokémon, Groudon. He holds the Blue Orb high, and its light awakens the ancient beast, which immediately escapes. Maxie blames you, accusing you of some "cheap stunt", and prepares for battle!

VS Maxie

Defeated, Maxie flees to search for Groudon. Take the south doorway for a shortcut back to the entrance, and collect the Escape Rope along the way through 3F (Room 3) and 2F (Room 3).

Slateport City

When you arrive in Slateport, head straight for the northeast part of town. Outside Slateport Harbor, you find Captain Stern wrapping up a TV interview in front of a small crowd. Afterwards, you catch up with him for a little chat where he informs you of his newest discovery. He's found an underwater cavern on Route 128, and believes it to be the den of a super-ancient Pokémon long though to have been extinct. Just then, you hear a voice booming out from a megaphone. It's Archie, who mocks the captain and thanks him for the submarine.

Slateport Harbor

After rushing inside the building, you find Archie and a Grunt standing near the sub, ready to depart. He accepts that you won't simply leave him to his plans, and wonders if you will visit their hideout in Lilycove City. But he's come too far to be stopped now, and he and the Grunt quickly escape in the sub.

Lilycove City

Lilycove City

A port city, Lilycove mirrors Slateport with its impressive size, its scenic lighthouse, and its spacious harbor. The main attraction is the Lilycove Department Store, while the Contest Hall, Lilycove Museum, and Cove Lily Motel are also located here.

Pokémon Trainer Fan Club

Members of the Pokémon Trainer Fan Club discuss popular Pokémon Trainers and Gym Leaders. After entering the Hall of Fame, several members announce themselves as your fans, as well.

Cove Lily Motel

Team Aqua's hideout on the edge of town has kept most tourists away, bringing the Cove Lily Motel's business to a halt. As a result, there's nothing of interest here at the moment. After resolving the conflict with the villainous team and entering the Hall of Fame, the Game Freak staff will visit the motel during their trip to Hoenn. The Game Designer will give Trainers the Poké Diploma after completing the Hoenn Pokédex.

Scott can be found napping at a table on the upper level. He thinks Pokémon Contests are entertaining, but still prefers battles and tough Trainers. He urges you to enjoy every kind of trial--Gyms, Contests, Battle Tents, the works!

Pokémon Contest Hall

The Contest Hall stands on the south side of town. This building hosts all four Contest levels—Normal Rank, Super Rank, Hyper Rank, and Master Rank.

Pokéblock Master's House

The Pokéblock Master's house stands to the north of the harbor. Talk to her and her family to learn tips on crafting potent Pokéblocks.

Rival Battle 5

When you approach the Department Store, you find May/Brendan waiting outside. She/He offers to battle you to determine which Trainer has been doing a better job of raising their Pokémon.

Treecko Player chose Treecko

Torchic Player chose Torchic

Mudkip Player chose Mudkip

Once the battle ends, your friend heads back to Littleroot Town to continue working on her/his Pokédex.

Lilycove Department Store

Welcome to the Lilycove Department Store! This massive shopping center offers a wide array of merchandise, so Trainers can find almost any item for sale here.

1F: Service Counter, Lottery Corner

The first floor is a welcome center. The receptionist on the left greets visitors, while the one on the right runs the Pokémon Lottery Corner. Talk to her to draw a random Pokémon Loto Ticket. If the ticket's number matches up with any of your Pokémon's ID numbers, you win a prize! You can draw one Loto Ticket per day.

Matching Digits Prize
2 digits PP Up PP Up
3 digits Exp. Share Exp. Share
4 digits Max Revive Max Revive
5 digits Master Ball Master Ball

2F: Trainers' Zone

The second floor offers items that are useful during battle. The left clerk sells Poké Balls and items to cure status ailments, while the right clerk sells Potions, Repels, and other items.

3F: Battle Collection

The third floor sells stat-enhancing items. The left clerk offers Vitamins that permanently boost their respective stat, like Protein. The right clerk offers Battle items that give a temporary boost in battle, like X Attack.

4F: TM Corner

The fourth floor offers eight different TMs for sale. Speak to the left clerk to buy TMs containing offensive moves, and the right clerk for TMs containing defensive moves.

5F: Decoration Floor

The fifth floor is dedicated to Secret Base fanatics. Here you'll find a wide selection of Decorations to deck out your Base, including dolls, mats, posters, and cushions.

Rooftop Plaza

After entering the Hall of Fame, the store occasionally holds a major clearance sale. A special selection of Secret Base Decorations are offered, with items listed anywhere from PokémonDollar.png200 to PokémonDollar.png10,000. Though this sale rarely occurs, many of the items available for purchase cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Also on the rooftop, a girl fantasizes about copying herself and living several different lives. Speak to her, and she offers to teach the move Substitute to a Pokémon, one time only.

Lilycove Museum

The Lilycove Museum stands in the northwest part of town. The museum's curator initially blocks the stairs to the second floor because the upper level is empty. He is still searching for modern and vibrant artwork to display there, and asks you to search for such artwork. If you happen to win a Master Rank Pokémon Contest with at least 800 points, an artist will approach you saying that he's done a painting that might even look good in a museum, at which point you direct him to the Lilycove Museum. If you collect one painting for each of the five Contest categories, the curator will reward you with a Glass Ornament for your Secret Base.

Move Deleter's House

The first house to the east of the Department Store is home to the Move Deleter, an absent-minded man with the power to make a Pokémon forget any move. This is the only way for a Pokémon to forget an HM move. Unlike the Move Reminder in Fallarbor Town, the Move Deleter's services are free of charge.

A Berry A Day

Speak to the Gentleman to the east of the Move Deleter's house to get one random Berry. This kind old man will give you either a Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Leppa, Oran, Persim, Lum, or Sitrus Berry every day.

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