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These are Alexa's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon X and Y

Santalune City

  • Before defeating Viola
"Oh, you... You are, aren't you? You're one of the kids who got a Pokémon from Augustine Sycamore, right? That <lead Pokémon> you've got there looks pretty happy. You must be a good Trainer. In that case, get over to the Pokémon Gym. I'm sure my sister will be glad to meet you!"
  • After defeating Viola
"Oh, you... You are, aren't you? You're one of the kids who got a Pokémon from Augustine Sycamore, right? Would you look at that! You got the Bug Badge! Looks like I might have a new scoop. To beat Viola at your young age... You really are something, aren't you? Oh! Sorry, I never did introduce myself, did I? I'm Alexa. The Gym Leader you just faced, Viola, is my younger sister. I work as a journalist myself. Here, why don't you take this to celebrate getting your first Badge!"
"If you have an Exp. Share and you turn it on, all of the Pokémon in your team get Exp. Points, even if they don't appear in battle. I hope it helps you with your training! I work at the big publishing house up in Lumiose City. Feel free to stop by anytime if you have the next big scoop to share with me!"

Lumiose Press

  • First visit
"Oh! You're that kid--the one who came to see me! Hey, hey, so tell me... Has that Exp. Share been useful? You haven't forgotten about me, have you? I'm the journalist Alexa. I gather info about what's going on in Lumiose, and then I write it down. I travel the world to gather information, but Lumiose is my real stomping ground. And I don't just know the famous shops. I could tell you exactly how many Espurr are in every one of our alleys! I know everything about this city, so you just come to me if there's anything you ever want to know!"
  • Subsequent visits
"Hey, kid! You're back! Good to see you again!"
  • After greeting the player
"Do you want to know about Lumiose's hottest spots?"
No: "OK! Come visit us again!"
Yes: (gives a list of the spots to choose from)
South Boulevard: "That's the boulevard that surrounds the south half of Lumiose City, OK? The most popular shops on it are the Pokémon Lab, the PR Video Studio, and the salon, Coiffure Clips. You can reach Route 4 or Route 5 from there. Or as we locals call 'em... Parterre Way and Versant Road!"
North Boulevard: "That's the boulevard that runs around the northern half of Lumiose City, of course. The popular destinations on North are the Battle Institute, Hotel Richissime, and... Oh, Lumiose Station to hop on the TMV! If you want to reach Route 13, 14, or 16, you can get there from here. But of course, we locals all know them as Lumiose Badlands, Laverre Nature Trail, and Mélancolie Path!"'
Vernal Avenue: "Vernal Avenue is on the south of Lumiose City, and it's packed with specialty shops. In Boutique Couture, for example, you can get items that are unique to Lumiose City. Firseur Furfrou is the only place that most people will trust with grooming their Furfrou. There's also the Herboriste and a ton of little cafés."
Estival Avenue: "Estival Avenue is a avenue on the south side of Lumiose City with a relaxing atmosphere. You can find popular spots like the Loto-ID Center, where people say you can win big, and a café where roller-skating enthusiasts gather. And most important of all... This company right here! You should already know that, though, since you came in today!"
Autumnal Avenue: "Autumnal Avenue is on the north side of Lumiose City and has a few special shops. Some are really big with the tourists, like the Poké Ball Boutique, where they only sell Poké Balls--every kind under the sun. Then there's a shop that specializes in juice, the Juice Shoppe, which Pokémon all love. And Restaurant Le Yeah serves decent food."
Hibernal Avenue: "Hibernal Avenue is one of the avenues up on the northern side of Lumiose City. It's famous for its three-star restaurant, Restaurant Le Wow, which is THE place to be. All the VIPs in Kalos are seen there."
Centrico Plaza: "Centrico Plaza stretches out around the symbol of Lumiose City, Prism Tower. Vernal, Estival, Autumnal, and Hibernal: all four major avenues connect there, at the center and the heart of the entire city. Phil the Photo Guy is probably a big draw, too."
"Do you know how to get there? Want me to show you the way?"
Yes: "OK! Go out of this building and..." (player warps to the area asked about)
No: "If you ever need a guide, don't hesitate to ask me!"
"Anyplace else in Lumiose City that you're curious about?"
No: "OK! Come visit us again!"
Yes: (gives a list of the spots to choose from)