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Trainer Race is a quiz minigame in PokéROM, which may be played by up to four people. The goal of this game is reaching the end of the map, which requires answering 10 questions correctly.

Entering the Trainer Race

The Trainer Race is located in the Trainer Center, one of the two buildings in the Pokémon Sanctuary (the other building is the Observation Lab). In this screen, if the player clicks on the Professor Oak button or remains idle for some time, Professor Oak says "What would you like to do today? Challenge your friends to a Trainer Race. Would you like to go to the Observation Lab? If you want to leave the Pokémon world, click on quit."

The Trainer Race game begins once the player clicks on the board game inside the Trainer Center.


Number of players

Once the game begins, the first screen asks how many people are going to play. An unindentified narrator is heard saying: "Trainer Race! Match wits with other Pokémon Trainers! I need some information about you. How many Trainers are playing?" There are buttons to select 1, 2, 3, or 4 players.

Once the number of players is selected, the only way to return to this screen and change the number of players is by restarting the Trainer Race.

Player name and level

In the second screen, all players must write their name and pick a level. The players do this in order: the first player, then the second player, and so until the last player. When this screen opens, the narrator is heard saying "Go for it!" Subsequently, the narrator says for each player when it's their time to set up: "Player <number>, sign in your name and pick a level."

There is a keyboard on screen, with the letters arranged in alphabetical order, and numbers from 1 to 5 to choose the player level. The player may either use the on-screen keyboard or type the names on a regular keyboard.

The player names may be from 1 to 14 letters. The only characters available are letters, spaces, periods (.) and hyphens (-), which are all available on the on-screen keyboard. However, the names must start with a letter. The game automatically capitalizes the first letter, as well as any other letter placed after a space or hyphen. All other letters are lowercase. The players are unable to use Caps Lock or Shift to change the letter cases.

The available levels are: 1 (Junior Trainer), 2 (Challenger), 3 (Leader), 4 (MasterTrainer), and 5 (League Master). If the player types a number from 1 to 5, it changes their level. If the player types any other number, or any other unavailable character (such as most punctuation marks), it is ignored by the game.

The on-screen keyboard includes a "Delete" button that deletes the last character typed (so in effect works like a Backspace button). The Backspace button on a regular keyboard does the same. However, several common text functions are unavailable: for instance, the player is unable to select, copy, or paste text; there is no visible cursor on the text, and the arrow keys don't do anything on the text.

The on-screen keyboard includes an "OK" button. If the player has already typed their name and selected their level, clicking "OK" makes the game ask for the same info from the next player, or begins the quiz if all players have already set up. If the player clicks "OK" but has no name typed, the narrator says "Before choosing a level, you need to sign in your name." If the player clicks "OK" but has no level selected, the narrator says "What level do you want to choose?" Pressing Enter on a regular keyboard has the same effect of clicking on the "OK" button.

If the player remains idle for some time, Professor Oak says "Click on the letters to spell your name."

Once any of the players clicks OK or presses Enter, their name and level may not be changed any further in the current game. If any change is required, they may start the Trainer Race from the beginning.

Player characters

The player characters available are Squirtle, Pikachu, Poliwhirl, Gengar, and Eevee. They are assigned randomly to each player.

Quiz mechanics

Regular quiz

The questions and answers are audibly read by Professor Oak (voiced by Stan Hart), as well as written on the screen. The game chooses which player will answer each question. Professor Oak refers to the chosen player by their number, and the box surroundind the current player character becomes brighter. Each question has 4 possible answers. Some questions have images.

  • If a player answers correctly: a bell sound is heard and the player advances one place in the board
  • If a player answer incorrectly: a buzzing sound is heard and the player stays where they are

Each player has 5 minutes to answer a question. When the time is up, the buzzing sound is heard (the same sound heard when the player answers a question incorrectly) and the next question appears. However, the game offers no indication about a time limit, and it does not visibly indicate how much time has passed.

Lightning Round

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The Lightning Round does not seem to have a time limit.

Other layout elements

Professor Oak button

If the player clicks on the Professor Oak button during any the preparation screens (where the players type their name and level) or during main gameplay, the Professor Oak says: "First Trainer to reach the finish line wins!"

"Controls" button

The Controls button contains two options:

  • If the player clicks on "Settings", they may change the volume, and turn the music on or off.
  • If the player clicks on "Trainer Center", they return to the Trainer Center and close the current Trainer Race game.


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Question Correct answer Wrong answers
Which letter is a capital letter? G e n l
Which letter is not a vowel? w a e o
What does every sentence start with? a capital letter (A,B,C) an exclamation mark (!) a question mark (?) a comma (,)
If the word "homework" has two syllables, how many syllables does the word "computer" have? 3 4 2 1
What is the shape of this object? triangle circle square rectangle
11 - 6 =? 5 10 3 7
What do plants need to grow? sunlight a hamburger rocks shoes
What do you place in the ground to grow plants? seeds banana peels shovels raindrops
Which of the following is part of a human body? a hand a tail a beak fins
Which number is greater than 50? 60 10 5 40
What group would apples, bananas, and oranges be in? fruit animals fish liquids
There are four seasons in a year. Which season is missing from this list? winter, spring, summer, _________ fall leap year September snow
What does the Earth look like? round like a ball square like a box flat like a piece of paper pointed like a triangle
Which word best describes a rock? hard soft sticky liquid
What do our eyes do? see hear taste smell
Which planet does your family live on? Earth Moon Mars Pluto
Which group would you put a car into? bus and taxi polar bear and a penguin purple triangle and an orange star a basket of fruit
Complete sentences have both a noun and a ________. verb name direction comma
Often folk tales are passed on by families and friends sharing stories. Who might tell you a folk tale? your aunt a book a poem a pet rock
What are you talking about when you are describing the plot of a story? what happens in the story the characters in the story where the story took place how you felt about the story
What is a paragraph? a group of sentences about something a title a difficult word a way to write your name
How would you describe the setting of a book? the place the story happened the characters in the story how you liked the book what happened in the story
Which word means the same thing as or is a synonym of pretty? beautiful ugly nice smart
Books are often divided into sections. What are these sections called? chapters sentences pictures shows
What is true of most book chapters? they are about one major event in the story they tell you about the book's author they come only at the end of a book they are all exactly the same length
What word has three syllables? Kabutops Mew Alakazam Horsea
What word ends with the /f/ sound? rough telephone soup bath
Which of these is a noun? monster scary blue rainy
Suffixes go at the end of a word to change its meaning. Adding "er" to paint makes the word "painter". Which word below has a suffix? singer sail bike laugh
A prefix is a word part you put before another word to change its meaning. "Over" is the prefix in "overcoat." What word below has a prefix? preschool desk pencil eraser
Are these statements true? 8 + 9 =17 and 10 + 7=17 yes no only 8 + 9 = 17 only 10 + 7 =17
Are these statements true, 5 + 3 = 8 and 8 - 3 = 5? yes no Only 5 + 3 = 8 is true. Only 8 - 3 = 5 is true.
If each of your three friends has 5 Pokémon cards, how many do they have altogether? fifteen cards ten cards twenty cards five cards
55 - 20 =? 35 40 20 25
What do these numbers have in common: 25,35,85, and 105? They are all multiples of five, ending in five. They are all even numbers. They all have two digits. They are all smaller than 10.
What three-dimensional object is shaped like a Poké Ball? a sphere a cone a cube a cylinder
22 +18 = ? 40 42 20 30
100 + 11 = ? 111 100 52 101
What is the name of a shape with 3 sides and 3 angles? a triangle a square a circle a rectangle
Which one of the four statements about the Earth is true? The Earth is mostly covered by water. The Earth is the biggest planet in the universe. The Earth is cube-shaped, like a box. The Earth is not moving.
Which instrument does not have strings? trumpet violin guitar fiddle
What does not often appear with rain? earthquakes sunshine hail clouds
What sits next to objects in the sun and is about the same shape and dark? a shadow an imaginary friend a black cat a monster
What is not something you might see in the sky at night? a clown a star the moon a satellite
Which food is not a fruit or a vegetable? a candy bar a banana a watermelon a carrot
A baker makes bread using wheat flour in the dough. What is this flour made from? grains of wheat corn on the cob orange trees strawberry plants
Which part of the human body allows us to taste what we eat? the tongue eyes hair fingernails
Pronouns take the place of nouns so we don't have to repeat the noun again and again. Which pronoun below could be used instead of repeating "Misty" in the sentence "Misty saw the Pokémon leave, so Misty followed it"? she he Misty they
What joining word, called a conjunction, would you add to combine the two sentences "I want to play outside" and "My friend wants to play inside"? but the an hat
Which sentence has a proper noun that is not correctly capitalized? I went over to mary's house for lunch. Did Joe take my shoes? I really like my teacher, Ms. Smith. Fluffy, the cat, ate a lot of food today.
A biography is the true story of a person's life. What type of book would a biography be? a nonfiction book a fiction book a comic book a poetry book
Ash has 7 seeds and is given two more sets of 7 seeds. How many seeds does Ash have in all? 21 14 7 30
What mathematical function does this symbol stand for? divide multiply subtract add
4 x 6 =? 24 36 12 18
Which equation below equals 36? 9 x 4 10 x 5 8 x 8 6 x 8
If a pie is cut into six equal pieces, how many pieces are in half the pie? three pieces four pieces two pieces six pieces
How many groups of 4 equal forty? 10 12 8 5
A drinking glass is similar to which 3D shape? a cylinder a cone a cube a circle
If there are 3 groups of 6 Pokémon in Pewter City, how many Pokémon would there be? 18 2 9 24
15 / 5 3 5 15 7
Erika has 27 daisies that she wants to split equally into three vases. How many daisies will go into each vase? 9 daisies 3 daisies 11 daisies 10 daisies
The primary colors are red, yellow, and blue. Which two primary colors mix to make orange? red and yellow blue and yellow purple and red blue and red
If Patti had 32 jelly beans that she wanted to share equally among her four best friends, how many jelly beans would each friend receive? 8 6 12 5
The early Americans came from England to settle in America and start a new life. Who was already in America when the settlers on the Mayflower arrived? the Native Americans the English the Dutch the fathers of the settlers
The U.S. flag is a symbol of the states united under one government and constitution. What shapes on the flag symbolize the different states? stars and stripes red and blue rectangles and stripes stars and blue
Which food below is not a vegetable? tomato lettuce carrot spinach
The Earth is one planet in this solar system. What are all the planets in this solar system revolving around? the sun Jupiter Mars the moon
Which planet is considered the ringed planet, or the planet with rings around it? Saturn Earth Mars Neptune
A rock drops to the ground because of gravity. What is gravity? the force pulling things to the Earth's surface the weight of something the texture of something the force pushing things away from the Sun
Which of the objects below is in a liquid state of matter? orange juice an ice cube a brick smoke
A solid does not change shape to fill its container. Which object below is a solid? a piece of wood a milkshake helium pancake syrup
What is the name for an action that humans do automatically, without thinking? reflex exercise swimming singing
Which one of these senses helps human tongues taste food? smell sight hearing touch
Prepositions often describe the relationship between two things. Which preposition best completes the sentence "I like to sleep ______ the covers so I don't get cold"? under about through over
What is the past tense of "take"? took taked taken takes
Which word is missing from the sentence "Today we eat chocolate cake, but yesterday we ____ oranges"? ate eaten will eat eats
A biography is a story of a person's life. What type of book is a biography? nonfiction fiction legend fable
An autobiography is a biography that somebody writes about his or her own life. If you wrote an autobiography, what would be most appropriate to include? your school experiences the history of Scandinavia a geographic description of China the story of the Atlantic Ocean
Should city names be capitalized? Why or why not? Yes, because city names are proper nouns. Yes, because things as large as cities are capitalized. No, because only the abbreviations for states are capitalized. No, because only town names are capitalized.
To write a well-written story, what is the first thing a writer should do? brainstorm ideas edit a final draft write a rough draft check the draft
In a five-paragraph report, what is the first paragraph about? an introduction a conclusion the body details about the title
What is the last thing a writer should do when finishing a report? proofread and edit the final draft write a rough draft create an outline for the report research information for the report
Why is it good to have other people proofread and edit your writing? Because they might have helpful suggestions and see errors that you missed. Because they will know what you wrote about and can copy your idea. Because then you are helping them learn about new things. Because everybody wants more work.
What would not be a plot of a story? a small fishing village a boy's travels the adventures of cats a teacher's school experience
Which number is in the hundreds' place in 58,497? 4 8 9 7
Which number is in the thousands' place in 976,583? 6 5 8 9
How many digits does the number ten thousand contain? 5 digits 4 digits 2 digits 8 digits
Round the numbers in this problem to the nearest hundred, what is the estimated answer? 400 + 312 = 700 600 801 900
What is 682.497 rounded to the tenths place? 682.5 683 682.4 680
An obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees, and a right angle is exactly 90 degrees. What is an acute angle? An acute angle is less than 90 degrees. An acute angle is a triangle. An acute angle is more than 90 degrees. An acute angle is exactly 90 degrees.
Which statement below is true about parallel lines? Parallel lines never cross or intersect. Parallel lines are always diagonal. Parallel lines are perpendicular to each other. Parallel lines are always horizontal.
1,200 x 20 = 24,000 2,400 2,200 36.000
Which organ pumps blood through the human body? the heart the brain the liver the stomach
The human respiratory system is responsible for breathing. The nose and mouth take in air and transport it to which of the following body parts? the lungs the fingers the spinal cord the intestines
Which statement is true? 1/2 = 3/6 4/8 = 3/5 2/3 = 5/6 6/8 = 3/5
Which word below does not describe a landform or terrain? sunset desert rain forest mountains
Which color below is not found in a rainbow? brown red blue violet
Which choice below is not a form of energy? cloud energy solar energy wind energy hydroelectricity
What makes Cinnabar Island an island? It is surrounded by water. It is located close to the Seafoam Islands. It is south of Pallet Town. Water type Pokémon live there.
How would you categorize these four items? flashlight, lamp, lighthouse, headlight All items give out light. All items belong on cars. All items are yellow. All items are found only near the beach.
Which place is not located in the Poké world? Fantastic Town Saffron City Pewter City Viridian Forest
Which math statement is true? 30 ÷ 3 + 5 =15 5 x 6 + 2 = 37 2 x 12 - 8 = 24 40 ÷ 8 - 10 = 5
Which fraction statement is true? 1/2 > 1/3 3/8 > 1/2 7/9 < 3/5 2/5 > 3/4
When you divide a number by 2, and then subtract 25, you are left with 25. What is the original number? 100 25 50 125
Which math statement is false? 1/5 < 1/10 4/8 = 2/4 1/1 > 3/14 1/2 > 1/3
There are 4 cups in one quart. How many cups are there in 3 quarts? 12 16 8 3
Who resides at a state's capitol? the governor the president of the United States every teacher in the state Pokémon
How many states are there in the United States of America? 50 102 20 85
When ice melts, what transformation is occurring? Water is turning from a solid to a liquid. Water is turning from a liquid to a solid. Water is turning from a liquid to a gas. Water is turning from a gas to a liquid.
Batteries have a positive end and a negative end. Which set of symbols show you which end is which? + - P N x w * o
Which food is not a root that grows underground? tomato carrot turnip radish
What is the name of the process clouds use to gather water in order for it to rain? evaporation precipitation sunny weather windy days
What term includes rain? precipitation dew fog snow
Which bones protect our lungs? ribs skull knee cap thigh
What causes our bones to move when we walk or run? muscles hair teeth spleen
Which food product below would not be categorized as a grain or cereal? pasta sauce whole wheat bread tortillas crackers
Which food contains the most vitamin C? orange juice hot tea chocolate chip cookies chicken soup
What is an antonym for "grumpy"? cheerful scary upset predictable
Which of the following begins each new paragraph? an indent a quote a question a subject
Which word below is not an adverb? leaps quickly fast surprisingly
What is wrong with the sentence "This television show is the worse"? The word "worse" should be changed to "worst." The word "show" should be capitalized. The sentence is too short. The word "this" should be changed to "an."
Which of the following are parts of every complete sentence? a noun and a verb an adverb and a verb a noun and an adjective a noun and a preposition
Which adverb would help describe how a lion roars? ferociously huge loud smooth
Which expression is not a mixed number? 1/4 2 3/8 4 1/2 5 6/8
Which two words rhyme? dog and fog jet and lag bear and foot face and hat
What word ends with the "th" sound? bath elephant boy ball
Which words follow this pattern? green star, blue circle, green star, blue circle yellow square, red circle, yellow square, red circle purple star, purple star, red rectangle, red rectangle blue circle, orange triangle, blue circle, orange triangle
Ten plus six equals what? 16 4 8 10
If you had twelve pencils and you gave six away to your friend, how many pencils would you have left? six eighteen ten four
Which words follow this pattern? blue triangle, blue triangle, yellow circle, red square, red square orange triangle, orange triangle, red square, purple circle, purple circle green rectangle, green circle, red star, red star, orange circle black circle, yellow square, black circle, yellow square, black circle
What do you call three groups of one hundred? three hundred one hundred five hundred thirty
Which of the following occupations does not match its place of work? a veterinarian who works at a post office a judge who works at a courthouse a waiter who works at a restaurant a teacher who works at a school
What would be the fastest way for someone in America to travel to Japan? by airplane by boat by taxi by train
What punctuation ends an interrogative sentence, one that asks a question? a question mark (?) a period (.) an exclamation mark (!) a comma (,)
Imperative sentences are used for urgent orders or requests. Which sentence below is an imperative sentence? Listen to me! Are you going to play with me? I think that school is fun. How are you today?
Where could a proper noun be replaced with a pronoun in the sentence,"Misty was playing in the street, and fell and hurt her knee"? "She" could replace Misty "He" could replace Misty "Sidewalk" could replace street "Elbow" could replace knee
Nonfiction is writing about true things. Which title below would most likely be a nonfiction title? The Events of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake Adventures of My Imaginary Friend The Lifestyles of Martians on the Moon The Red Flying Carpet
Which sentence is missing the subject? Leaped over the river The cat meowed at his owner. I really love to eat ice cream. Everyday Molly rides her bike to school.
How much is this coin worth? $0.25 $0.50 $0.05 $0.10
How much are these coins worth altogether? $0.40 $0.50 $0.20 $0.10
Jessica has a dollar bill and two quarters. She wants to buy juice from the vending machine for $0.75. How much money will she have left after she buys the juice? $0.75 $0.50 $1.25 $0.00
What time does the clock show? 8:10 10:10 2:50 6:30
Where should the comma be placed in the number 25981? 25,981 2,5981 2598,1 259,81
Choose the correct expanded form of this number : 86,952 (8 x 10,000) + (6 x 1,000) +(9 x 100) + (5 x 10) + (2 x 1) (8 x 1,000) + (9 x 100) +(4 x 10) + (2 x 1) (8 x 10,000) + (9 x 1,000)+ (5 x 10) + (2 x 1) (8 x 100,000) + (7 x 10,000) +(6 x 1,000) + (9 x 100) + (5 x 10)+ (2 x 1)
What is the value of the digit underlined? 900 9000 90 9
Which letter is not a vowel? V O E U
Which letter is a vowel? A Q T M
How many groups of 55 cards could you make with 220 playing cards? 4 9 2 7
How much time did a boat ride leaving Viridian City at 11:05 a.m. and arriving at Vermilion City at 1:15 p.m. last? two hours and ten minutes four hours and five minutes seven hours five hours and fifteen minutes
How many weeks are there in 3 years if there are 52 weeks in a year? 156 weeks 52 weeks 312 weeks 40 weeks
If gum costs $2.85, and you have this much money, how much more money do you need to buy one pack? one dollar and two pennies one dollar and one nickel three quarters and two dimes four dimes and two pennies
Which number is next in the sequence 9, 16, 23, 30, 37? 44 42 57 33
Which number is next in the sequence 8, 12, 17, 23, 30? 38 32 40 36
How many tens are there in a thousand? 100 1,000 10 25
How many 50's are in 5,000? 100 50 1,000 200
In a five paragraph report, what are the three middle paragraphs called? the body paragraphs the introduction paragraphs the conclusion paragraphs the illustration paragraphs
Which topic would not be good for a speech on how to do something? the history of television step-by-step home repair making great cookies lessons on speaking French
Which statement is true?

#1 286,589 > 759,513
#2 68,247 < 24,467
#3 846,872 > 287,001

#3 #2 #1 None of the above are true
How many sides does a pentagon have? 5 4 6 9
If Ash has 3/6 of the Poké Fruit and Brock has 1/3 of the Poké Fruit, which is true? Ash has more Poké Fruit than Brock. Ash has less Poké Fruit than Brock. Ash and Brock have the same amount of Poké Fruit. There isn't enough information to tell who has more Poké Fruit.
If Misty ate 1/8 of the Poké Fruit and Ash ate 3/4 of the Poké Fruit, how much did they eat together? 7/8 4/8 1/2 7/4
If Brock, Misty and Ash want to share 27 pieces of candy evenly, how many pieces should each Trainer get? 9 12 3 10
If you have $13.50 and each pack of gum costs $2.25, how many packs can you buy? 6 packs 4 packs 7 packs 5 packs
It takes Goldeen 45 minutes to swim around the island. How long would it take Goldeen to swim around the island three times? 2 hours and 15 minutes 3 hours and 5 minutes 12 hours and 15 minutes 2 hours and 45 minutes
Which of the following do plants need in order to grow? water sugar batteries pebbles
Which word is a synonym for "answer"? response recall remedy role call
What punctuation should you use when quoting something that a person says? " " : ! ?
Which sentence contains a verb that is the wrong tense? Pikachu shock Ash yesterday. Raichu attacked Bulbasaur. Squirtle swam across the lake. Primeape climbed the tree.
Which word is a synonym for "launch"? heave hurry hungry happy
Which of the following is a good adjective to describe Bulbasaur? strong grow anger plant
Which of the following lists the fractions in order from largest to smallest? 3/4, 1/2, 1/8 3/4, 1/8, 1/2 1/2, 1/8, 3/4 1/8, 3/4, 1/2
Which word is an antonym for "frequent"? seldom often sometimes frantic



  • In the question "Which of these is a noun?", the word "blue" is one of the wrong answers. However, "blue" can be a noun as well as an adjective.