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Whismur (Pokémon)

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In the manga
In ''[[PS219|What Would You Do for a Whismur?]]'', a herd of Whismur first appeared during [[Magma Admin Courtney|Courtney]]'s attack on {{adv|Ruby}} in the [[Rusturf Tunnel]]. Their combined {{m|Hyper Voice}} attacks with several {{p|Loudred}} and {{p|Exploud}} proved useful in clearing the obstacles that blockaded the area.
Another Whismur, nicknamed Konkon, appeared under the ownership of Mr. Mickey appeared while {{adv|Ruby}} was participating in a [[Pokémon Contest]] in ''[[PS200|Tripped Up by Torkoal]]''.
In ''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'', a Whismur appeared in the [[Pokéathlon]].
Multiple Whismur appeared in ''[[PS534|Choir Tournament]]'' at the [[Autumn Choral Competition]].
[[Zinnia]] owns a Whismur nicknamed Aster that debutsdebuted in ''[[PAORAS02|Omega Alpha Adventure 2]]''.
==In the TCG==

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