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The school

The school is a setting in the Pokémon Newspaper Strip.

This is a regular school, as opposed to the Pokémon academy. Some, but not all students are Pokémon Trainers. It's repeatedly said that Pokémon are allowed in the school only if they not cause trouble, but regardless there are often Pokémon out of control, and Pokémon battles at school.



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The school debuted in Strip 1. Ash said that after his time on the Pokémon training academy, the regular school should be easy. Ash (with his Pikachu) started attending this school, as a classmate of Misty (with her Squirtle). After an announcement that Pokémon Trainers may bring their Pokémon to school only if they are not disruptive, Misty and Ash said that each other's Pokémon should not be allowed for that reason, respectively, and they started to battle.

In Strip 2, Ash and Misty complimented each other for their maturity, because they hadn't been fighting lately. Ash said that his Pikachu would win against Misty's Horsea, and they started to battle again.

Brock and Gary battling at school

In Strip 9, Misty said that Ash's Pikachu should be kept in its Poké Ball, but Ash didn't see any problem with allowing Pikachu to walk around freely. Brock and Gary were battling at school (Brock's Vulpix vs. Gary's Beedrill), with several students around, watching the battle. An angry teacher stopped the battle, but Ash was sent to the principal because he had Pikachu outside of the Poké Ball.

In Strip 26, some of Ash's schoolmates were making fun of him for bringing Pokémon to school, saying that Ash "can't bear to leave [his] precious Pokémon at home", and that "Pokémon is all he cares about". Ash denied that, saying that Pokémon is not the only thing he cares about. Ash's words upset Pikachu, and it shocked Ash with electricity.

In Strip 27, Ash locked his Pokémon in the house, expecting a peaceful day at school. Ash mentions that at some point his Pikachu had caused several sorts of trouble at his school: Pikachu had shorted out the P.A. system, Snorlax had raided the cafeteria, and Charmander had set fire to the science lab.

In Strip 28, Jigglypuff's song caused Ash and Misty to sleep at school, and Jigglypuff made drawings on their faces.

In Strip 29, Jigglypuff's song caused not only Ash and Misty, but Brock to sleep at school as well. An adult man commented on students sleeping at school, and an adult woman replied that she blames TV.

In Strip 30, a long lecture from an unseen teacher was causing the students to feel sleepy: "Reconstruction acts over presidential veto Tenure of Office Act 1867 while ratification 29 states of Fourteenth Amendment public credit greenbacks", "Gold standard free silver 1875 specie resumption legislative branch on the ascendant electoral votes brokered commission", "Bland–Allison Act Hayes veto on your next quis Labor Party Silver Bullion yesterday's homework". Jigglypuff's song caused the students to sleep except Ash, who kept his fingers in his ears to avoid listening to it. Ash said that the students would only have lasted another five minutes anyway.

In Strip 31, Ash came back home and his Pokémon attacked him, causing him to remember why he wanted to go to school in the first place.

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