Remoat Stadium

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Remoat Stadium

Remoat Stadium (Japanese: レモータスタジアム Remota Stadium) is a 5-on-5 battle stage in Pokémon UNITE.


Remoat Stadium was the original stage in Ranked Match and Casual Battle. In September 2022, Remoat Stadium was replaced by Theia Sky Ruins in Ranked Match. However, it can still be played in Casual Battle.


  • Top Path: The top path is the recommended path for most Attackers and Defenders.
  • Central Area: The central area is used to prioritize a Pokémon leveling up and evolving quickly. Generally, Speedsters are chosen for the central area.
  • Bottom Path: The bottom path is the recommended path for most All-Rounders and Supporters.

Salac Berries spawn in the center of the map. Picking one up will temporarily increase a Pokémon's movement speed.

Goal Zones

Each side starts with five goal zones. Four of them can be broken by scoring enough points into them. The central goal zone, however, will not break, no matter how many points are scored in it.

Sitrus Berries will spawn at the front goal zones until 5:00, restoring a Pokémon's HP by 1500 when picked up.


  • Rotom: Rotom first spawns at 7:00 at the top path. When defeated by either team, it heads towards the goal zone of the other team. If it gets into the goal zone, it makes it defenseless, and players can instantly score in it.
  • Drednaw: Drednaw first spawns at 7:00 at the bottom path. When Drednaw is defeated, it gives a large amount of experience to the team that defeated it.
  • Zapdos: Zapdos spawns in the very center of the map at 2:00. When Zapdos is defeated by a team, it makes all goal zones of the opposing team defenseless for a short amount of time.


Language Name Origin
Japanese レモータスタジアム Remota Stadium From remota (Latin for remote)
English Remoat Stadium From remote and moat
German Remota-Stadion From its Japanese name
Spanish Estadio Maremagno From mar (sea) and maremagno (abundance)
French Stade Outremer From outremer (ultramarine)
Italian Stadio Pelago From pelago (sea)
Korean 레모타스타디움 Remota Stadium From its Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 黎莫特競技場 / 黎莫特竞技场 Límòtè Jìngjìchǎng Transcription of its Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 黎莫特競技場 Làihmohkdahk Gihnggeihchèuhng

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