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VS Dragonite
VS カイリュー
VS. Kairyu
Chapter Platinum
Collected in Vol. 39
Round number 429
Location Battle Frontier
Previous Round VS Ledian
Next Round VS Rotom (Heat, Wash, Mow, Fan, Frost)

VS. Dragonite (Japanese: VS カイリュー VS. Kairyu) is the 429th round of the Platinum chapter in the Pokémon Adventures manga.


At the Battle Hall, Platinum has finally reached Argenta after two days of constant battling. Argenta calls for Platinum to come at her and her Dragonite, which Platinum responds with her Froslass, beginning the battle. As Palmer watches the match, he is greeted by Darach, with whom he seeks to discuss the current crisis. The two Brains watch as Platinum battles Argenta, and Palmer notes that the rules of the facility require challengers to go through 170 battles before they can receive the print, meaning that Platinum has been fighting for roughly 48 hours. Darach wonders why Platinum is pushing herself so hard, and Palmer goes into a flashback.

Shortly after her victory at the Battle Factory, Platinum was called over by Argenta who pointed out three of her Pokémon anxiously waiting outside the facility, having returned from Stark Mountain. To her horror, the rest of her team had returned with Buck and Looker both heavily injured. The view switches back to present day where Cheryl, Marley and Mira worriedly look over Buck. Palmer and Darach confirm that they can only guess that something big involving Team Galactic and Heatran occurred, and Platinum has therefore taken on the Battle Hall challenge to train.

In the match, Platinum orders an Ice Shard from Froslass, dealing heavy damage but failing to take Dragonite down. Argenta states that despite the type advantage, that alone cannot help Platinum secure victory in a match of high ranking. Platinum recalls that Froslass was given to her by Candice, and it used to be the Gym Leader's best Pokémon who she fought in her Gym match, and she is confident that Froslass can win. Dragonite strikes Froslass with a Steel Wing, knocking her to the ground. Argenta calmly declares the high rank of her Dragonite, but to her surprise Froslass recovers to launch another Ice Shard at Dragonite, fainting it. The Brain is shocked at how Froslass survived her trump card in Steel Wing before realizing that Froslass held onto a Babiri Berry, which helped mitigate the damage from Steel Wing. Palmer notes Platinum's victory as Darach prepares to begin their research, presenting a faded document from the Battle Castle library that bears a faint, silhouetted form.

As she leaves the Battle Hall, Platinum is greeted by Palmer, who properly introduces her to Riley, Thorton and Darach at the Battle Tower. He explains that after seeing her battle, the three men volunteered their skills in helping her investigation: Riley to search for clues based on his Aura abilities; Thorton to fix the Galactic spy camera that Riley found; Darach to perform further research in the Battle Castle library. Palmer reveals that the Battle Frontier has been cloaked in disruptive radio waves, completely shutting down communications to Sinnoh and even interfering with the Pokémon Transfer System; something that Thorton is extremely displeased about given his technical inclinations. Nevertheless, Thorton is confident that he can fix the spy camera with everyone's help.

Platinum is briefly reminded of Diamond and Pearl, and reveals that she had realized Palmer being Pearl's father. Palmer is apologetic for being away from home for so long, but Platinum assures him that Pearl has learned greatly from his father and looks up to him. Embarrassed, Palmer asks Thorton on the status of him fixing the camera, and Thorton confirms that he is almost finished.

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