Nintendo 64DD

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Nintendo 64DD
ロクヨンディーディー Sixty-Four DD
Nintendo 64DD.png
A detached Nintendo 64DD
Release dates
Japan: December 1, 1999
North America: Unreleased
Europe: Unreleased
Australia: Unreleased
South Korea: N/A
China: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Technical specs
Related information
Console generation: Fifth generation
Pokémon generations: I, II
Console type: Accessory
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The Nintendo 64DD (Japanese: ロクヨンディーディー Sixty-Four DD), or Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, was a short lived expansion system for the Nintendo 64. Shortly after it was released in December 1, 1999, the product was a commercial failure due to it being delayed, and was never released outside of Japan. The name DD stands for "Dynamic Drive". The system plugs into the bottom of the Nintendo 64 using the EXTension Port.

The 64DD was announced at 1995's Nintendo Shoshinkai game show event. At E3 in 1997, Shigeru Miyamoto speculated that the first games to be released for the new system would be SimCity 64, Mario Artist, Pocket Monsters, and EarthBound 64. The system was a commercial failure which led to 49 games being canceled or moved to cartridge.

Technical capabilities

A Nintendo 64DD attached to a Nintendo 64

The N64DD has a 32-bit coprocessor which is needed to read the magnetic disks, and it would also need the 32-bit coprocessor to transfer data to the main console (the Nintendo 64). It was intended to be Nintendo's answer to the Compact Disc that was used for Sony's PlayStation, which was cheaper to produce. Sony's CD storage could hold approximately 650 megabytes (MB) of information, compared to the Nintendo 64's 32 to 512 megabit (4 to 64 MB) cartridge.


Released games

Title Genre Release
Doshin the Giant God game December 1, 1999
Mario Artist: Paint Studio Art December 11, 1999
Mario Artist: Talent Studio Art February 24, 2000
SimCity 64 City-building simulation February 28, 2000
F-Zero X Expansion Kit Expansion (Racing) April 21, 2000
Japan Pro Golf Tour 64 Sport May 2, 2000
Doshin the Giant: Rescue from the Front by the
Toddlers that Tinkle at the Large Meeting-hall
Expansion (God game) May 17, 2000
Mario Artist: Communication Kit Expansion (Art) June 29, 2000
Mario Artist: Polygon Studio Art August 29, 2000

Proposed games

Pokémon games

Several Pokémon games were announced for the Nintendo 64DD. These were either canceled or released on cartridge format only.

Title Solution
Pocket Monsters 64 Moved to cartridge as Pokémon Stadium
Pocket Monsters Stadium Expansion Disk Canceled/replaced with Pokémon Stadium (Pokémon Stadium 2 in Japan)
Pocket Monsters Snap Moved to cartridge as Pokémon Snap

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