Honey Island

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Honey Island
ハニー島 Honey Island
Honey Island.png
Honey Island
Region Decolora Archipelago
Debut BW124

(Japanese: ハニー島 Honey Island) is the first island Ash, Iris and Cilan visited during their travels through the Decolora Islands. It is well known for the Honeymitsu honey that the Pokémon here produce.

On the island, Ash got invited to partake in an All-You-Can-Eat lottery which turned out to be a scam of Team Rocket. The lottery was an actual trap in an attempt for them to catch Pikachu, and Ash and his friends got taken to the fields of the island and fell into one of Team Rocket's pits. They got out, and before Team Rocket could get away with Pikachu, a swarm of Kakuna evolved into Beedrill which caused the groups to get split into three. After finding each other, Ash and his friends managed to reach the Pokémon Center located on the island and enjoyed the Honeymitsu honey.

Pokémon seen on Honey Island

Honey Island Combee.png
Combee (multiple)
Honey Island Beedrill.png
Kakuna → Beedrill (multiple)
Honey Island Remoraid.png
Remoraid (multiple)
Honey Island Miltank.png
Miltank (multiple)
Honey Island Ursaring.png
Honey Island Victreebel.png

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