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These are Cress's quotes in the Pokémon games.

In the core series

Pokémon Black and White

Striaton Gym

  • Entering the Gym
Cilan: "Welcome to the Striaton City Pokémon Gym."
Chili: "I'm Chili! I light things up with Fire-type Pokémon!"
Cress: "I'm a Water-type specialist, and my name is Cress. Pleased to make your acquaintance."
Cilan: "And my name is Cilan. I like Grass-type Pokémon."
Cilan: "Um, you see... As for why the three of us, um, are all here is, well, er..."
Chili: "Oh, enough! Listen up! The three of us will decide whom you'll battle! It'll be based on the type of the first Pokémon you chose!"
Cress: "That is indeed the case. And the partner you first chose was <type> type, it seems."
"How exceedingly lucky for you that you do not have to face me."
"That is correct! It shall be I and my esteemed Water types that you must face in battle!"
  • Before battle
"What incredible luck for you--you get to battle the best among the three of us."
  • During battle (the first non-KO HP loss)
"I see... That might be a good attack."
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"I'll put all my hopes on my last Pokémon!"
  • Being defeated
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this."
  • After being defeated
"Why, you're quite remarkable. It's the Pokémon League's rule, so--please take this Badge."
  • After the battle (regardless of first partner Pokémon)
"If there were 17 siblings in the Striaton City Gym... There could be a specialist for each type of Pokémon."
  • Post-game
"...We heard about the incident with N's Castle. If we had received the message in time, the three of us could have helped."

Badge Case

The fundamentals of Pokémon battling are type matchups! They're important!

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Memory Link - A Triple Team

  • Striaton Restaurant - Present
(to player) "I hope today is a special day for you."
(After speaking to the other brothers) "A day that's important to me, Cress..."
  • Striaton Trainers' School - Flashback
"I guess you're right."
"You're overthinking it, but I can't say the possibility is zero."
"Based on your appearance, you must be the Shadow Triad. But why are you here?"
"We have to admit it. The three Leaders of Striaton City make one full-fledged Trainer."
"Of course, I, Cress, was thinking about that, too."
"OK. So as for the replacement Gym Leader..."
  • End of flashback (if initiated by Cress)
"Part of my past I want to forget... No, I mustn't forget it."

Pokémon World Tournament

  • Before battle (first round)
"That is correct! It is I, Cress, Water-type enthusiast, whom you must face in battle!"
  • Before battle (second round)
"What incredible luck for you--you get to battle the best among the three of us."
  • Before battle (final round)
"Just as water flowing from high places to low places is natural, so is my victory."
  • Being defeated
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this."
  • If the player is defeated
"This is the appropriate result when I'm your opponent."
  • After being defeated
"How amazing! Even if there were a lot of reasons, you managed to defeat someone as impressive as me!"
  • After winning
"How amazing! Even if there were a lot of reasons, you managed to take on someone as impressive as me!"
  • In the lobby, after the tournament
"The pairings for the tournament partly contributed to your victory. Please keep training. I plan on retraining myself with the aim of defeating you after you've become even stronger."

Striaton City - Striaton Restaurant

  • Asking to team up
(first visit)"I'm a Water-type specialist, and my name is Cress. Pleased to make your acquaintance. You there. Would you be so kind as to be my partner in a battle with my siblings?"
(subsequent visits)"What do you think? Will you partner up with me and compete with my siblings?"
No: "Oh, what's this? I'm amazed you turned me, Cress, down."
Yes: "That's wonderful. With me, Cress, as your partner, victory is assured."
  • Before battle
"That is correct! It shall be I and my esteemed Water types that you must face in battle! Let's us begin, then! In garde, user of Grass-type Pokémon -- Cilan -- and of Fire-type Pokémon -- Chili!"
  • After battle (victorious)
(on stage)"My attacks flow like water. You were blessed with an amazing partner."
(main area)"Battling together with you helped me find new potential in myself. That's what I think. I'd like it if you were to team up with me tomorrow as well."
  • If loses to the player
"Lose? Me? I don't believe this!"
  • After battle (loses to the player)
"Losing made me realize something. If I were to team up with you, our onslaught would be like a torrent!"

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Masters EX

Menu interface (voice clips)
  • During conversation
Battle interface (voice clips)
  • VS screen
"We're serious."
  • Sending out Pokémon
"Here we go!"
  • Using Pokémon move
"We're not done yet!"
  • Using item
  • Using sync move
"Allow me to assist!"
  • Uh-oh!
"I'll be your opponent."
  • Defeat
"I don't believe this."
Costume Event - Curious Tea Party
  • Trial from a Trio
"And I am Cress. Please remember us in the future!"
"Then I'm sure we'll get along splendidly."
"We're still quite new to Pasio, so we'd appreciate any good tea shop recommendations."
"And personally, I'm very interested in that Polteageist."
  • Off-screen
"Might it be an Antique Form Polteageist?"
Costume Event - Sonia's Party Prep—The Finest Tea
  • The Three Necessiteas
  • In flashback
"I, Cress, prepare the purest water..."
Trainer Files - Akala Passion
  • Akala Island Combination
"And I, Cress, prepared the purest water..."
"This sounds interesting."
  • Friend Trio, Good Ingredients
"It seems the dish is already made, but can we not eat it yet?"
"This is beautiful... How did you do it?"
" it safe for people to eat?"
"Hmm...very peculiar, but...there's something about it..."
"It-it's spicy all of a sudden?!"
"I don't think anyone can copy this unconventional idea."